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Visual Marketing: Role & Value

Original article in Greek by Olga Kefi

Translated by Nancy Panagoulopoulou

It’s 2022 and every facet of our daily life is related to the internet. The visualization of information, especially through social media, has changed the way in which people consume content. So, in an effort to follow current trends, businesses focus their marketing strategy around visual marketing. But what exactly is visual marketing?

Visual Marketing: What is it?

As a subsection of content marketing, visual marketing’s main goal is to connect with the audience/consumer via visual media. This includes images, videos and generally creative and unique visual content. Thus, the business can help their client to visualize the products better, increase the interaction with the marketing campaigns and eventually decide to “Add to Cart”.

Humans respond better to non-verbal communication, anyway. Psychologists believe that visual elements increase memory capacity and retention, while they attract the consumer’s attention even more because they interact with his or her emotions and memories. Visual elements make for stronger brain connections, at least compared to a series of sentences, which will most likely be forgotten right after reading. In this way, the product and in general the business brand will have more of a character.

A HubSpot research in 2021, revealed that 70% of companies invest in content marketing, so essentially in visual marketing. The actual “shareable” content is authentic, unique, impressive and -in order to appeal to all- visual. But what does “shareable” content include?

visual marketing


Visual content can be useful in a variety of ways through a variety of marketing strategies. The right combination of images and graphics can create an aesthetically pleasing outcome, in line with the business’s brand. Also, photos created by the user/consumer or partnerships with Influencers, are included in many marketing campaigns.


Videos are on of the most productive types of visual content, especially for e-commerce brands. Videos catch our eye, as they combine image and sound and are the most effective way of conveying an emotion or feeling. 90% of consumers find videos especially helpful when they want to make a purchase.

Gifs and Memes

Gif and memes are quite popular, especially amongst the youngest generation. They are a humorous way to put a message out there. Additionally, they are easy to share and have a bigger chance of “going viral”. This “virality” can be quite beneficial for a business’s popularity.


Infographics (graphs) demand a really good understanding of the audience they are addressing. They need to really understand statistics, so as to not have the business’s credibility in question. This way of visualizing data makes them easier to digest, thus the audience consumes and comprehends them better.

How to benefit from visual marketing

Define your strategy goals

No strategy will be deemed successful if there are no clear and predefined goals to achieve.  Whether they aim to attracting new consumer or increasing their sales, goal should be quantifiable.

Research the market and your competitors

What could you use as a source of inspiration? What tactics should you avoid and which ones do businesses successful in visual marketing follow. These are some of the questions that a quick search on the internet can answer.

Define your brand identity

Specific color palettes or even font styles or font sizes, can be important when it comes to making a uniform portfolio of visual content that is easily recognizable by the audience. This also includes the company logo.

What do you want your message to be?

Think about what makes for a good example of visual marketing – not only generally speaking, but especially for your brand and your audience. You also need to ensure that the content is inclusive and represents every potential consumer.

So, as visual content keeps taking much more of a main role in consumers’ conscience, visual marketing starts becoming an inescapable part of every marketing strategy. Additionally, the “right” kind of visual marketing can define the relevancy of a business online.

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