Young(adult) Society

Translated by Ελισάβετ Κεχαγιά

Based on the original article by Πένυ Κουφονικολάκου

Young people identify with evolution, for they are the spring from which flows progress, the new, all that the future, or better yet the bright future, is composed of. Youth is linked to enthusiasm, innovation, fruitful doubt. However, the question remains whether all these characteristics nowadays remain unscathed. There are quite a few people who accuse young people of falling victims to alienation and of having lost their vigour and free spirit, facing the plagues of society with a certain apathy. This gives rise to the issue of whether today’s youth is morally bankrupt, a rather harsh and bitter question.

We are faced with occurrences that are unprecedented, and fortunately inconceivable to the mass conscience, such as physical and verbal violence, alongside with complete disregard for the suffering of a fellow human being. All these are detected in that certain age-group that is expected to stand its ground against injustice. The seemingly powerful are individualists who turn their backs on the minorities and feel the need to prove their worth through striking those that, in their mind, seem weak. It is not without reason then, that we are charged with characterizations such as “cold-hearted”.

I am thrilled to say however, that the way things are is quite unlike this.  The following are from an optimistic point of view, but under no circumstances are to be considered utopian. In the midst of chaos there are still those who fight for a better future with courage and passion as their weapons. This is but a small group of young people that envisions the end of all injustice and marches on, smiling, with unbridled optimism and power. These people fervently desire to pave the road to a better future, despising self-interest, moralists and all those who attempt to crush their visions. They are set on facing every obstacle that will stand between them and their goal, and are strict, for they acknowledge that society’s vulnerable parts are many, that being the reason behind their constant doubt. This doubt however, does not lead to negation but to rejuvenation! Allow me then to say that I strongly believe in these people and the fulfillment of the hard task ahead, for as opposed to the morally bankrupt, they are far more powerful.

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