Web design

Web Design: Dos and Don’ts

Original article in Greek by Andreas Frangou

Translated by Dafni Manti

A company’s strategy meaning the website and its layout, commonly known as web design, play a crucial role in achieving their goals and increasing profit. Its impact depends on a multitude of factors, which, if properly utilized can contribute to success.

A modern concept

A website not only works as the digital storefront of a business, but also as the digital salesperson, the digital secretary and the digital technical support to the customer. The multi-faceted nature of every choice behind every website, indicates that the guiding principle of web design is to always offer top customer service.

Web design: Common mistakes

One of the most frequent mistakes is overloading the website with unnecessary information and too many images. An equally serious mistake is to offer little to no information at all. The happy medium is providing accurate and clear information regarding the company’s pros and services. Under no circumstances should one feel that they are reading something complicated or time-consuming. It is generally preferable that everything is straightforward and easy to understand.

The aesthetic is very important and determines how user-friendly the user experience is. It is important that the images are of high quality, from both a technical and photographic point of view. In terms of better functionality, it is essential that the browsing options within the website are visible, especially when it comes to contact details. Overall, regardless of the type of business, its website should exude sincerity, while being of high quality and having an positive attitude.

Continuous development

The online presence of a business is in itself a constantly evolving product and service. Web design requires frequent updates regarding new information about the campaigns and developments in the company’s field.

Proper knowledge of the buyer’s persona and the main competitors in the respective business field is a must in order to design the website accordingly. Vigilance, research, teamwork and perseverance are crucial in achieving corporate goals.


Of course, in the age of data everything is analysed and optimized as data. No matter how good the website may look or be, its main value is measured by the quantitative results it brings. Its performance should be the subject of daily statistical analysis by the appropriate department or the person responsible for it. Testing is not a forbidden practice. On the contrary, trying out a new tactic for a short time to reach customers can have unexpectedly positive results.

In short, web design is a multidisciplinary field, in which all participants have a say in whether a strategy meets their expectations and promotes their own work. If everyone is satisfied and the right promotional actions are taken, it is only a matter of time before web design pays off and contributes to building a popular brand.

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