5+1 Ways to make waking up in the morning easier!

Translated by Anastasia Tsitsani 

Based on the original article in Greek by Ευθυμία Πολυμενίδου

Are you, by any chance, one of those people that don’t even wanna hear the words “waking up” and “morning” in the same sentence, let alone actually doing it? Do you set multiple alarms every day but never wake up on time? Do you consider waking up in the morning a tiring and repetitive routine? It’s time to prove to yourself the contrary/ that you can do better than that! How? Just by reading the following article. Ready?

But first coffee

The moment you open your eyes and wake up from the characteristic sound of your alarm, do not press snooze; make the decision to get out of bed and make coffee! Can the day not go well if you’ve taken a sip from your hot morning coffee or your favorite morning drink?

Work out

Working out in the morning contributes to a significant degree in your well-being; mentally and physically. It gives you a boost in order to have a productive day! Do not allow yourself and your body to stay in bed all day napping and procrastinating.

Breakfast is key

Is it possible to enjoy your day without having breakfast? Of course not! “A good morning sets the tone for the day” they say. Your breakfast will give you energy, liveliness and strength, especially if you have to do a lot during the day. Stop avoiding it and start dedicating a little more time in order to prepare your breakfast.

B for Books

After you wake up, wash your face with cold water, make some coffee/tea and read your book. This will calm you down and help you relax, especially if you are in the middle of exams period.

Fresh air  

Waking up in the morning should be linked to pure fresh air. Every morning, open your curtains and the windows and let rays of sunshine in combination with fresh air come into your room. This will help you start your day with a clear mind and positivity

Organizing- Planning

Organization is always considered a plus when it comes to a productive day and the awakening of our creativity. Write down your daily duties and your goals; this way, you will organize your thoughts and you will be able to know what to do each day.

Wake up early, see the sunrise and cherish your day with positivity and optimism! These are the only things you need in order to feel grateful for the life that was given to you. Start loving waking up in the morning, have an early start every day!

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