Save the Environment

8+1 Ways to Save the Environment

Original article in Greek by Athanasia Bakaraki

Translated by Dafni Manti

The Environment: an introduction

The planet is the place that hosts us and our lives are expendable, so it becomes imperative that we contribute to the protection of the environment by changing our habits and acquiring new ones that are more beneficial to the environment, as well as by taking simple, everyday actions to help preserve the planet’s natural resources and finally save the environment.


The symbol of recycling is the blue bin, which can be found in almost every neighborhood. First however, it is necessary for society to comprehend that there is not one bin for all kinds of waste, but that we must make sure that we have a bag or bin at home where we throw away all the garbage that are not dirty, i.e. paper, glass and plastic.


Organic food waste can easily be converted in a natural way into fertilizer for any plants and trees. What we can do is purchase a composter or make one ourselves, so we can throw the organics in there.


  • We can reduce waste by choosing glass containers for our soft drinks and beers, which can be returned or recycled, every time we go to the supermarket.
  • It is of major importance to discard plastic bags and replace them with reusable bags, which we can keep in our bags and use when shopping.
  • We need to limit the amount of plastic bottles we use, and also disposable plastic items, and instead use glass water bottles.
  • We do not need to overuse kitchen paper rolls, as we can use more of the dish cloths and towels.
  • We should never pour the leftover frying oil into our kitchen sink, as one liter is enough to cause irreversible contamination of vast amounts of water.

Cleaning products

We can make our own environment-friendly cleaning products. Alternatively, we can purchase certified eco-friendly cleaning products to avoid further damage to the environment.

Energy saving

  • We can replace the electric light bulbs with the corresponding energy saving bulbs.
  • It is necessary to switch off all electric appliances from the general power supply and not leave them on standby when not in use, and we should turn off the lights when away from home.

Rechargeable batteries

Batteries should not be thrown in the bin with other garbage, but should be placed in special battery recycling containers. Alternatively, there is the option of buying rechargeable batteries.

Nutrition and consumption

  • For starters, we should not go as far as throwing our feftover ood in the garbage, but cook just enough food for consumption.
  • We can grow some produce ourselves, such as fruits, vegetables and herbs. This will also provide a breath of oxygen to the exhaust-filled atmosphere.
  • Reducing meat in our diets significantly helps to reduce the consumption of resources needed to breed animals and helps to tackle climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Use of public transport, cycling or walking

There is an urgent need to use ecological means of transportation such as buses and bicycles for our daily commuting, especially for short distances, as pollution in the cities comes almost exclusively from the exhaust gases emitted by cars.

Responsible holidays

  • We should never throw cigarettes out of the car window, especially if they are lit, due to the risk of fire.
  • Littering in the sea or on the coast is a serious crime against the environment and should be explicitly restricted.

The Environment: Conclusion

The difficulties we may encounter in all the above steps will be worth it once we manage to adopt these ecological habits and integrate them into our daily lives. Then, we will realize that the planet and “Saving the Environment” lie in our hands and that humankind and the environment have a perpetual interconnected relationship.

For those who would like to contribute even more to saving the planet, they can find out about volunteering activities organized by the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy via its official website.


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