6+1 Ways To Protect Yourself from UV radiation

Original article in Greek by Athanasia Bakaraki 

Translated by Stella Vasileiadou

Could you even imagine a summer without being exposed to the sun? To be honest, it’s unthinkable for a country like Greece. The sun is a source of life; it’s not only about the sunlight, but it has properties beneficial to human health. Just like with all things, the famous Greek saying “everything in moderation” applies to this issue as well, since excessive sun exposure can have devastating effects on one’s skin. So here are some useful tips to keep ourselves protected from the negative effects of the sun this summer.

Solar UV radiation and sun exposure

The sun is important, because exposure to it allows our body to manufacture vitamin D, a hormone essential for bone health and not only, as it affects many aspects of our health. However, 10-20 minutes of sun exposure, without sunscreen, is enough for our body to manufacture the required amount of vitamin D, so exposure to the sun for a longer period of time is considered to be harmful to the skin. Also, the hours that are suitable for safe exposure to the sun are the morning and the afternoon, except the hours between 12pm to 5pm.

UV radiation

Sunscreen for UV radiation

Sunscreen is the most basic means of protection and it’s necessary to apply it before you go out to the sun. Plus, it is worth mentioning that in a country like Greece where the weather is sunny almost throughout the whole year, it would seem wise to use sunscreen even during the winter. However, most of us don’t apply sunscreen the proper way; i.e it should be applied to all parts of the body, with no exceptions (ears, neck, neck, arms, soles), whilst it is necessary to renew it every half to one hour, in order to be as much protected as possible.

The sunscreen’s SPF should be more than 15. Also, it is necessary that it should be written on the label that it provides protections from UVA and UVB radiation.

Sun umbrella

A sun umbrella is truly essential for the beach, as the shade it provides help us stay protected from the UV rays, since it reduces the intensity of their radiation on the skin.


It’s highly important that we wear a hat when we go out in the sun, as hats offer protection from UV rays and help prevent skin cancer and premature photoaging. For maximum protection, hats with a large slope are recommended as that they provide 360 degree sun protection.

Suitable clothes

When we are exposed to the sun, it would be very beneficial for our skin to wear light clothes, ensuring, of course, that the sun does not pass through them.


We don’t only wear them in order to be stylish, but to also in order be protected as due to the increasingly aggressive UV radiation, quality sunglasses are essential for the protection of our eyes. Meanwhile, they should remain intact so that the UV rays won’t be able to pass through them via any scratches for example. Thus, they can be able to provide the best possible protection to our eyes.

There’s no doubt that we can enjoy this summer without fear, on the grounds that we are self-disciplined and aware of the dangers that the sun may lay and of course use all protective means available to keep our skin healthy and safe.

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