Video games: 6+1 career lessons

Translated by Dafni Manti

Based on the original article in Greek by Evridiki Markopoulou

Video games. Some may consider them a waste of time, but there are many who believe that they enhance creativity. But apart from the varying opinions about them, how are video games linked to your career?


Tutorials are videos or texts that instruct the player on how to play the game. They familiarize them with the keys and offer tips that will assist them in the rest of their lives. The challenge of starting a new game is the same in starting your professional life. It takes time for one to familiarize themselves with their duties and responsibilities. Fear of making mistakes makes us static; it does not allow us to grow. Seeking help and guidance is crucial to improving and developing as a professional.

Video games; the first steps

video gamesSuccess right from the start is nearly impossible. In a video game, players are likely to repeat the same level or quest many times. As tedious and frustrating as it may be, they should never stop trying. Otherwise, they will never get past the first, dull level. The same happens with work. One cannot expect that everything will go as imagined. With patience and perseverance, one learns to manage their strengths, work on their weaknesses and keep improving.

Change is inevitable

Someone who plays video games a lot has surely found at some point that there are categories of games, and even roles within one game, in which they excel, compared to others. Something similar happens in our professional life. None of us share the same abilities or capabilities for the same things. Thus, everyone’s performance differs depending on the field. By giving oneself opportunities and trying different paths, one can see what truly suits them best.


In order to play a game on the computer, one must have the right equipment to meet the needs of the game. How will a professional fulfil his potential if they do not have the right skills and background? Without the necessary skills they are more likely to fail.

Side quest

When playing a video game, along with the main mission, there are also side quests, i.e. challenges and story lines that enhance the main plot. Thus, alongside work, pursuing other projects is necessary. Hobbies rejuvenate an employee, complement the all-round development of their personality and offer them an escape from routine.

Video games; Cheating

Although it temporarily gives a head start during multiplayer games, cheating can lead to some punishments, including getting banned from the team or even a server. After all, who would want to play with someone who is “cheating”? If someone at work uses deceitful means to get ahead, they quickly lose the respect of their colleagues. Besides, eventually “getting ahead” may backfire.

The reward

There are rewards at the end of the game or a mission, which players use to improve their character. Rewarding is very important in professional life as well, as employees’ contribution is recognized and their satisfaction rates increase. Of course, a verbal reward should also be accompanied by a practical one, like a promotion, a raise or other privileges.

As odd as it may seem at first glance, video games do indeed have important lessons to teach us. Whether we play video games or not, we can certainly benefit from what they offer.

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