#Foititips: How to manage online learning

Translated by Elpida Dalietou

Based on the original article in Greek by Μαρία Βαγδούτη

These circumstances of staying at home have affected every area of our daily lives. Students are perhaps in the worst position, forced to leave the city in which they study, return home for a much longer period than intended, and, of course, try to study from home. The distractions are more than I can count; staying productive is a challenge. This situation is perhaps reminiscent of the last months before the Panhellenic exams, when we skip school to study from home. So, having all of our educational material right on the computer screen, how can we not neglect our studying?

Do not stop keeping notes

For a large number of students, writing notes in a notebook is an efficient way to absorb and store information. Just as you would take notes if you were in a live lecture, try to keep them while attending an online one.

Utilize electronic media

There are many online platforms that will help you do your homework, exchange notes or just talk to your classmates, so you do not lose complete touch with the “university spirit”.

Organize your space

A tidy and neat space really helps me concentrate. I understand that it is normal not to have your own personal space in your family home. However, try to find a quiet place where you can concentrate without distractions.

Make a schedule

Time passes very quickly at home. Hours, days and whole weeks are lost without a sliver of productivity, if you do not follow a program strictly. TV shows and movies are much more enticing but, believe me, you will feel very good knowing that you are staying productive. So set aside a few hours a day / week for studying and try to stay on top of your schedule.

Take breaks

It is easy to get tired quickly, especially with online learning courses. Brief and regular breaks will help. Rest your eyes away from the computer screen, stretch, and maybe take a short walk. In general, nurture and take care of yourself, so that you do not give up after an hour of studying.

Keep in touch with professors

Be sure that your professors are aware of the difficulty of the situation and of online learning. Keep in touch with them and ask for help when you need it. At the same time, it is good to participate in the online lecture by asking and answering questions, just as if you were attending a lecture in an auditorium.

Follow the deadlines

Deadlines benefit you for a very important reason: they put you in order. Try to even hand your assignment in before the deadline. This will relieve you of unnecessary stress and last minute running.

online learning

Reward yourself

You have probably heard it countless times in recent months, but I will repeat it. Take care of yourself. It can be dessert after hours of studying, a walk after finishing a challenging assignment, a relaxing bath, a film without facing any regrets. Whatever it is, consistency in the online course is an achievement, so do not forget to “thank” yourself.

We live in a truly difficult situation. However, we must not lose hope and give up on a pointless reality. Maintaining a relatively “normal” daily routine will definitely help you. After all, the only thing that neither of us wants is to get out of the quarantine with endless obligations. Obligations that will burden us and will not let us enjoy our freedom.

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