4+1 Tips for Getting back into your Routine Post-Vacation

Translated by Αναστασία Τσιτσάνη

Based on the original article in Greek by Εύη Ιωάννου

After the end of your holidays, the only thing left to do is reminisce the good times of your summer. Moments of relaxation or adventure, at the mountain or by the sea, with friends, family or even by yourself; creating memories that you will recall during the winter months. Do you find getting back to your daily routine to be difficult for you, as well? Don’t worry! Here are 5 simple tips that will help you get back to it without difficulties!

Healthy sleeping habits

During summer, our sleeping schedule tends to be disturbed due to the lack of responsibilities, something that allows us to relax and sleep whenever we want. Getting back to reality however, requires a good sleeping schedule that will give us enough energy to make it through the day. Try falling asleep about 7-8 hours prior to your responsibilities, such as work or school. That way, you will adapt to schedule more easily.

Healthy diet

It goes without saying that during the holidays, it is much easier to fall into temptations and overdo it when it comes to our diet choices. However, when going back to school or work, we need a balanced diet that will give us the energy needed in order to cope with our difficult schedules, without weighing down ourselves. It’s better to choose fruit, vegetables and healthy filling meals.

Light exercise 

Moreover, during our holidays, our exercise is limited to just short walks. However, it is important to dedicate a bit of our time to exercising during the week, as this contributes to reducing our stress levels. There are a lot of ways to exercise, depending on our interests and our free time, ranging from hitting the gym and running, to yoga. There are also plenty of videos on YouTube for simple exercises that we can do at home.

Organize your daily routine

Going back to work or school, it is important to feel like there is some sort of organization in your life. Sort your responsibilities by using a diary and noting upcoming deadlines. In addition, organize your work space so that you feel comfortable in it and not stressed.

Relaxing activities

Despite going back to our daily routine does not mean that our schedule consists only of responsibilities. You should try spending some time on yourself and the activities that help you unwind. These activities might include reading a book, watching your favorite series, going out with friends or going to a concert. In that way, you will decompress and your work or school performance will improve drastically.

Last but not least, keep your summer memories and all the nice moments with you, but at the same time try to find your own personal motivation in order to get back to your daily routine. By finding motivation, your daily life will become much easier and you will once again be on vacation without you even realizing!

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