The Secrets of Tik Tok Marketing

The Secrets of TikTok Marketing

Original article in Greek by Dora Tomtsi

Translated by Dafni Manti

TikTok is one of the biggest trends in social media as of late. Due to its immense success, it now hosts a total of 800 million active profiles, a number that keeps growing. Just like all social media, it has become a useful tool for the world of marketing and specifically TikTok Marketing. Before analyzing how marketing via TikTok works, we will give some basic information on what this platform is and how it works.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social networking application, through which the user can either create a video and share it with others or simply watch videos from other users. What makes this social media app stand out is its multitude of different functions and features.

Can TikTok rule all of social media?

It seems that TikTok can become the new ruler of social media, as it has managed to gain over 800 million monthly users within 3 years, an achievement that took Facebook’s platform 4 years to reach and Instagram 6 years.

TikTok, compared to other platforms, provides a different and more interesting way of advertising. Users have the opportunity to view a product in greater detail thanks to the video feature of this platform.

Tik Tok Marketing strategies

TikTok keeps attracting new users, due to the various possibilities it offers compared to other social media. Businesses can reach bigger audiences because of the more positive environment of this platform. Below we highlight some of the most impressive strategies of TikTok Marketing.

TikTok Ads

To begin with, the best way of advertising a business is through the so-called TikTok Ads. In fact, TikTok is the only platform which is not saturated when it comes to ads. A major advantage is that one does not have to waste time creating the target group from scratch.

Influencer Marketing

This term refers to the promotion of products by “influencing” their already established fan base. Because influencers have a large following the promotion of products or services tends to be more successful.

What is the reason for the greater appeal of influencers? It is because people pay more attention to the promotional messages they receive from those they deem more trustworthy.

Hashtags Challenges

TikTok users love new challenges, so they upload videos with matching #Hashtags to make them easier to find. Creating a branded challenge is a very efficient method for new businesses. Not only does it raise brand awareness, but it encourages more and more audiences to create their own content based on the product/service we are promoting.

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