The importance of saving money as a student

Translated by Dafni Manti

From the original article in Greek by Sofia Papadaki

Often were the times in our childhood days when we would run to our piggy bank and put it on top of our desk in our room once the school year began. That would mark the start of the saving process that would help us fulfill our childhood desires. If piggy bank money was important then, imagine its’ importance for us today!

Student life is the beginning of a new era. It is up to us, of course, to determine how creative and enjoyable it can be. Students’ dreams may vary, from travelling, going out, experiencing relaxing and carefree moments in the city, to continuing studies and trainings. But how do we secure the financial aid that all these things require?

Into the piggy bank!

Although these times are not ideal for sacing, with some goodwill and lots of discipline, saving a certain amount every month can help ensure better conditions for students in their early adult life. Consistency and proper budget planning are of course required. For this to happen, certain daily habits must be adjusted and the hierarchy of material needs must be redefined. Thus, as long as one is not prone to “mischief”, the money saved goes straight to the piggy bank.

Open a bank account

A second option is to open a bank account in which one can deposit the money they save monthly, i.e. the surplus from paying all other financial obligations. However, this process must be done repeatedly and consistently in order to bring out satisfactory results.

Savings plans

Lastly, for the less disciplined, banks’ savings plans offer a safer solution! There are special savings programmes for studies that ensure a more effective planning. These programmes are flexible and can be adapted to the financial situation of the person in question. Thus, by saving steadily, students ultimately achieve their initial objective.


Some extra tips

Try cutting down on takeout and opt for home-cooked food. Although at first glance it may not seem like an unnecessary expense, if you save this amount you will notice significant results in your piggy bank. Moreover, when it comes to shopping you can buy from cheaper stores, but only after allowing some time to pass so that you can carefully consider this purchase. You may end up deciding that you don’t really need to make this purchase. Also, you can invite your friends to your place instead of going out, thus creating relaxed and beautiful moments. Finally, reduce the use of transportation if possible. Make proper budgeting, set a savings goal and create a plan that you can stick to.

Of course, saving is not easy, especially in this day and age, but you can adopt daily habits that will help you achieve your goal.

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