Intrapreneurship: How and in what way can you benefit from it?

by Aggeliki Rubati

Many people want to become entrepreneurs but are not willing to take the risk and make their own business. But what if there was an other way? What if we could become entrepreneurs and make our own products without having the risk of losing our company and money in case that something goes wrong? The solution to this problem is intrapreneurship. Thus, I’m presenting the benefits of becoming an intrapreuneur.

What is intrapreneurship

According to the Cambridge Dictionary intrapreneurship is:” the willingness or ability of people within a large company to take direct responsibility for turning ideas into profitable new products, services, businesses, etc” and an intrapreneur is the person to take that responsibility. Some of the most famous examples are Google’s Gmail: Google allows its employees to spend time on their personal projects, Sony’s Playstation: A Sony’s employee was trying to make his daughter’s Nintendo more user friendly and powerful and he ended up making Playstation and Post-It notes: Two scientists of 3M after a failed attempt of making a strong adhesive they ended up making the well known to everyone Post-Its.

Reasons to become an intrapreneur

If you are not sure if you should become an intrapreneur here are some of the benefits that you can get:


When you are an intrapreneur you have the opportunity to make your idea become true. You do not just have to work on something that may bothers you but on something yours and this can make you fill with excitement and see your work less boring.

No need for resources

Your idea will need resources. Its gonna need a brand name, people to help with the sales, paperwork and of course money. That problem is solved since the company that you work for will cover your expenses and provide you with the needed resources.

Improve yourself

During this experience you will be in the position to do things that you may have never done before which is good because it will help you learn more things about yourself like what your strengths and weaknesses are and also improve your soft and hard skills.

Safety risks

Even if you are making something yours. You still have to work in a company that does not belong to you. So in case that the idea does not succeed that does not necessarily mean that you will lose your job. There will still be a company to pay your salary and probably support you in your next entrepreneurship idea.

Characteristics of an intrapreneur

Even if intrapreneurship sounds like a good idea not everyone is meant to be an intrapreneur. Some of the characteristics that intrapreneurs have are the ability to see opportunities when others do not. They are creative and innovative. In addition,they are passionate about change and team players. They still want to take risks like entrepreneurs but the difference is that they prefer the safe ones.

If you have an idea that you want to make true and you do not want to take big risks then maybe intrapreneurship is suitable for you.

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