Summer habits we all love

Translated by Αναστασία Τσιτσάνη

Based on the original text in Greek by Βασιλική Αναστασίου


Undoubtedly, summer is linked to unforgettable memories and happy moments. Each year, we wait patiently for it to come, even though we still complain about its heatwaves and overcrowded beaches. However, except for a few negative aspects, summer is full of good ones, such as the amazing weather and all the activities that we can enjoy thanks to it. But which are our favorite summer habits?


For every fan of music, summer is their favorite season, since they have the opportunity to experience that magical feeling that only a live concert can provide us with. Whether you are saving up money to go see your favorite foreign band or your favorite local artist live for the hundredth time, the experience of a concert is one of a kind. It is that moment when you enjoy to the fullest your favorite music, while singing, dancing and meeting people with the same taste in music as you; all these in open air. In other words, it is everything one could ask for!

Outdoor cinema

Nowadays, due to the internet, the appeal of the cinema might have been slightly reduced, but outdoor cinemas are something unique; watching a movie under the moonlight can really take us to a different era. So, why watch a movie at home when you can enjoy it in a scenery like this one?


During summer, many theatrical plays come in reach of everyone living far from the city centers. Theatres, modern or old ones, in heavenly sceneries, in the middle of forests and mountains, with a perfect view and good company are all reasons to make us want to get tickets for the next play that will take place close or maybe far away from us.


The beach

Undoubtedly, the sea has the leading role of summer, even though the braver ones enjoy it during the winter, too. When thinking about relaxing, the first thing that comes to mind is a beach with crystal clear water, golden sand and a lounger. Whether you are a swimmer or a sunbathing-at-the-beach kind of person, it is almost impossible to not go to the beach at least once during summer!

Reading a book at the beach

The most ideal place to relax and read this big novel that you could not finish during the winter time, when you were drowning from the responsibilities of your daily routine. The luggage of every bookworm is definitely a little bit heavier due to the books that they carry with them during their holidays.

So, when the weather is good, when there is good company and, mostly, good mood, is it possible to not have an unforgettable summer? Even the hot weather cannot prevent us from having fun and doing our favorite activities. How about you? What do you prefer to do out of all the activities mentioned above?


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