Tips to help you stay safe when moving to a new city!

Translated by Anastasia Tsitsani 

Based on the original article in Greek by Έλλη Πασολλάρη

The results have been published. You are officially a university student at the university of your dreams. However, your university is in a different city than the one you grew up in. This does not discourage you and you finally decide to move out. Suddenly, you are stuck in an awkward position, with your feelings mixed. On the one hand you feel on top of the world with all the freedom in your hands, but on the other hand you fear the unknown that is yet to come. It is logical to think this way, because the excitement that comes from something completely new can knock us over and make us incautious. For this reason, here are 2-3 small tips on how to stay safe during the most beautiful years of your life.

Keep in touch with your family.

Yes, I know, you want to feel free to do whatever you want and not update your family on every single life detail. However, it is recommended that your family knows your location each moment, especially during the first months of living without them. Don’t get tired of calling your mother and do not ignore her calls. You don’t need to tell her everything that is happening, just a little innocent update. 

Be careful with alcohol

Who doesn’t want to go out, drink and have fun? It is, without a doubt, one of the most favorite habits of university students. However, you need to be really careful, since alcohol overdose can lead to negative results. What you can do to reduce the risk is to have already eaten before your night-out. Try to eat a full meal so that you won’t have stomach problems. And of course, know your limits! Do not overdo it with alcohol if you can’t handle it.

Don’t be alone 

Every time that you decide to go out, be sure that you will have people that you know around you. Whether you decide to go out with your friend group or not, you’d better be around a person you are close to. In that way, you will feel safer and you will have more fun. But the most important part is going back home. Try to have people with you when you go back home especially during the early hours…

Simple but efficient tricks and habits are the ones that will help you have safe and unforgettable university years. Well, okay, I’m sure that there will be times when you will drink a little bit more and you will forget to call your parents and try to return back home only with the company of the city shadows. But I hope that this will be just an exception.

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