Serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline: The messengers of our behavior

Translated by Louiza Parnou

Based on the original article in Greek by Κωνσταντίνα Πετρoπούλου

The investigation of the human brain started four thousand years ago, while humans were trying to understand the greatness of their body function. It did not take long for humans to understand that our brain determines the beginning and the end of our lives. On the one side of the coin, brain death leads to the interruption of humans’ lives. On the other side, the word “human” is equivalent to body and spirit. Brain plays an important role in the cultivation of spirit. It produces lots of substances that convey messages in order to carry out different processes. These substances, well-known as neurotransmitters, are nothing else but messengers that control our behaviour.

Serotonin: “The King” of Mood

It obtains several roles in the central nervous system such as the control of appetite, sleep, mood, typical behaviour and illusion as well. It is the main factor that helps us perceive the feeling of pain, while it is also involved in vomiting. Let’s put a full stop here and analyze the above sentence. Serotonin is the basic regulator of our mood.That being said, it is not by chance that patients suffering from depression present lower levels of it. Additionally, they seem to have reduced sexual desire. On the contrary, when people have high serotonin levels they learn and remember information easier. Happy thoughts, comradeship, recognition of all achievements and faith in ourselves are some of the factors that can increase serotonin levels to a great extent. However, when serotonin is absent, it is really possible to suffer from depression.

Useful advice: Consume foods rich in tryptophan, the structural stone of serotonin. It can be found in poultry, dairy products and nuts such as walnuts.

Dopamine: The “elixir” of happiness

Substance inseparably linked with reward and pleasure. Just so you know; the satisfaction you feel while eating chocolate, having sex or drinking coffee is due to this tiny chemical particle. That is how its involvement in addiction can be explained. Moreover, dopamine contributes to keeping a normal level weight. So if you are focused on any pastime during your day, feed yourself properly and make right and quick decisions, then be sure that dopamine flows in abundance inside your brain. Indecisiveness, lack of excitement, procrastinating, high body weight and depression signifies lack of dopamine.

Useful advice: Get out and exercise in nature.Have sex more often. Set small and reachable goals. Love yourself and its wholeness by “embracing” your flaws.

Adrenaline: “Fight or Flight?”

It is the general alarm in human’s body that is activated in cases high levels of energy are needed (e.g exercise or threat). It causes the feeling of anxiety, reduces the feeling of pain and intensifies the reactions. In practice, all these reactions aim at an enemy or a visible threat. When it comes to human brain, rational thinking is limited and  humans are seized by crude reactions. Danger “flirts” intensively with adrenaline and this is how its increase in similar cases, such as the case of driving at breakneck speed can be explained.

Useful advice: Do not allow adrenaline to overwhelm you. Before you do something, think twice.

The neurotransmitters define our behaviour to a great extent. Be careful! Do not accept being the puppet of your brain. Your life is up to you and only you can pull the strings of your happiness.

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