salary raise

Salary raise: how to ask for one-the right way!

Original article in Greek by Eurudice Markopoulou

Translated by Nancy Panagoulopoulou

One of the most downright awkward conversations one can have with their employer is a conversation about a salary raise. There might be many reasons to be discouraged from asking for a raise, but there are so many more reasons to do it! Some good reasons to do it are the obvious financial benefit and the public recognition of the quality of the work produced by the employee for the company they work for. The secret to finding success in this is to follow a few particular steps.

salary raise

#1 Do your research on salaries for your particular field of work

A good step before asking for a raise is to know the earnings of others in your field of work. Thus, one can compare their salary with the median salary for others in the field and consequently know the limits of what they can ask for. So, if one wants to ask for a raise, they should research the above or, better yet, ask a recruiter.

#2 Prove your worth

If one wants to convince their employer that they deserve a raise, they should be able to prove the value of their work in the company. And what better way to do that than take on some additional responsibilities. For example, one could ask their employer or supervisor to take on some additional responsibilities or a new project. This way, not only will they be able to demonstrate their valye and contribution the business as a whole

#3 Good timing

One of the most important things in life is good timing. So we should choose carefully for the right moment for the “big conversation”. If a business is dealing with financial issues, a demand for a salary raise, will probably be denied. On the contrary, when business is booming, there are more chances for success. Same goes for the employee’s output. If the quality of their work lately has not been quite satisfactory, then maybe they should put asking for a raise off.

#4 If the employer says “no”, what then?

Even after the “right” approach, there’s still a chance the employer says “No” to your request for a raise. This shouldn’t discourage the employer, as they may ask for the request to be reexamined and revisited in the future where different goals need to be achieved if one wants a raise. Thus, a raise might be given in the near future.

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