Project Managers

Project Managers: Μanaging reality

Original article in Greek by Stelios Ampatzidis

Translated by Dafni Manti

The demands of the corporate world are changing rapidly, as is society itself. It is well known that businesses have been characterized by high fluidity, ambiguity and uncertainty. Today, as we emerge from the pandemic crisis, even more changes are occurring in the economy branches.

The course of businesses

Businesses must now focus on solving new problems and circumstances resulting from the new reality. To survive these changes they need to reduce operating costs. Also, the demands for organizational resilience and sustainable investing, the need for effective supply chain control and the emphasis on automation have become more important.

Beyond their own survival, however, entrepreneurs are at the same time implementing a trend that started years ago. Business models are changing, as they are focusing on the three pillars of Environment, Society and Governance. That is why projects with a social impact are of high priority, while they are simultaneously creating their projects with resilience and operational flexibility.

The role of Project Managers

Adapting to all these changes requires the creation of an overall sustainable infrastructure. In other words, there is a need for large-scale projects in every field imaginable: administration, economy, technology. Project Managers have emerged as the ones with the skills to orchestrate these operations and strategies. They listen to the problems that arise in the market, keep up with technological developments and identify talent and innovative ideas. Thus, Project Managers are entrusted with organizing and optimizing the very teams from which creative solutions to today’s complex problems emerge.

In conclusion, Project Managers organize the teams that work on current and future problems. We could therefore say that these leaders are the moderators of modern reality.

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