Profession and Personality

Translated by Anastasia Tsitsani

Based on the original article in Greek by Αναστασία Μαρία Μαμαλίγκα

What do you want to be when you grow up? No idea, right? No worries, there is something that might help you decide. In 1958-9, American psychologist John Holland developed a categorization model that divided people into six types based on their personality (Holland Codes or RIASEC), in order to point out their talents and their particularities. Someone might have various characteristics from different types, but at least one of them will surely prevail. The personality type in which you belong (you can easily find out which one that is by clicking here) can help you learn more about yourself and find your niche.

Did you take the test? If so, you can check below what profession suits you best based on your personality type.


If this is your type, then you belong to the category of people that like to have physical contact with their realm, in other words to use their hands or their body. You can embark on sports, agriculture, dancing, cooking, construction or even experimental science.



Provided that you belong to this category, you probably like problems concerning logic and critical thinking, examining theoretical possibilities, combining data and deduction. All of these render you capable of having a job with a theoretical background, such as medicine, humanitarian studies, psychology, etc.



Are you finding it hard to fit in? Do you think differently? Do you feel that your artistic flair emerges at every opportunity? You have known since childhood what your interests are and what you want to pursue. Whatever that is, be it music, dancing, singing, painting or architecture, you will come out on top if only you follow your dreams.


If you belong to this category you have one of the greatest assets; compassion and the willingness to help everyone around you. You like working with others, you are communicative and you can excel in customer service positions, in education, in human resource management, in nursing, or even as a psychologist, lawyer or consultant.



Much like the people of the previous category, persuaders like working with others with the only exception being that they enjoy leadership more. The influence that they have on other people makes them best suited for sales, marketing, politics, law and positions of power in general.



The name of this category might not impress you, but its people will. They are the ones that activate the technical, analytical and calculating part of a society. Unlike artistic people, you have the tendency to streamline, systematize and organize various procedures, which renders you capable of working with calculations (accounting careers). Moreover, your organizational skills and your discipline might help you excel in medicine or in the army.

However, whichever test of vocational guidance you might take, no one will ever know what you should pursue better than yourself. Even if you don’t, you are at an age when you get to experiment, make mistakes and sometimes fail. Thus, when the time comes for you to choose a profession, you won’t need to choose it blindly; you will be certain.

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