Organize your life with a bullet journal

Translated by Elpida Dalietou

Based on the original article in Greek by Maria Kotrotsiou

‘Back to school’ season is upon us, you’ve written out all your goals for the new school year and you want to start fresh and mark your progress. And what do you see? You haven’t lost the 5 kilos you’ve been trying to since the beginning of the year! Your attention is easily distracted, a fact that has made your life miserable. And you find it difficult to organize your time creatively and to achieve goals efficiently.

The bullet journal is here to solve all your problems! It was recently created by someone who was also easily distracted and was searching for a solution to his problem. If you, too, have endless notes and post-its scattered throughout your home… If your classic black and white diary looks desperately boring… If you like to make lists of everything you do, then you will be definitely interested in this article.

Basic tools

The bullet journal will keep you on schedule even in the most difficult moments, when all you want is to dive under the duvet with a cup of hot chocolate.

Basic tools: a pencil, a pen, colored markers and of course, a lot of imagination.

To get started, you need a notebook or diary in size A5, preferably containing white sheets. A larger size is ideal ,but that depends on you. If you want, you can use A4 sheets or a notebook with hard sheets.

The result rests in your hands and you can utilize the calendar as you wish. You will need colored markers and an F pencil that is suitable for drafts as it does not bleed easily through paper. In addition, black and blue pens and a black fine tip pen should also be staples in your toolbox!

Any goal can serve as a basis for your bullet journal:

You can draw inspiration from the following images:

These are just a sample. You can find huge amounts of inspiration for whatever you wish to design in your bujo online! Good luck!

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