Open Air Cinemas in Greece

Based on the original text by Katerina Marintsiou

Translated by Dafni Manti

Summer has arrived along with its ever rising temperatures. However, with warm days come cool nights, something that we all try to take advantage of in the most useful and entertaining ways possible. One such way is the Open Air Cinemas. Find out the reasons below…

For movie lovers, which make up the largest part of the world, the cinema is their favorite place to be. Naturally, nobody wants to watch a movie cooped up in a room during summer time. So they prefer to watch it from the comfort of their own home. Or might choose a different way to entertain themselves, setting aside the mood for a movie night.

Open Air Cinemas offer the solution to this problem. Viewers from all ages are drawn to these cinemas, from Athens and Thessaloniki, to even the smaller cities. It is important to note that the two largest cities in Greece host an outdoor movie theatre in almost every area, utilizing the cities’ yards and terraces.

But what is so special about open air cinemas that capture the attention of even the non movie lovers? It is first and foremost an original way to enjoy a movie. You are not forced into an enclosed area, but you are able to combine cool nights with your favorite movies.

Open Air Cinema
For the romantic ones, especially those who want to go on a date with their partner, the summer cinema is a highly romantic place where you can enjoy your movie under the stars.

Furthermore, fans of old, classic films have the opportunity to watch their favorite movies at e.g Thision Open Air Cinema, where they are usually displayed.

Athens and Thessaloniki

Open Air CinemaFrom romance, drama and children’s movies to comedy, action, epic and classic films, they are all displayed daily for even the most demanding movie lovers. Popular movie theatres in Athens, where almost every screening is fully booked, are Thision Open Air Cinema, Cine Paris and of course Aigli Summer Cinema. Appolo, Natali and Ellin Cinemas stand out in Thessaloniki.

You can find more information on Open Air Cinemas in Athens, here and here.

Travel and stay safe!

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