New job

New job: Ηow to make your well-being top priority

Original Article in Greek by Stelios Abatzidis

Translated by Dafni Manti

In the summertime, most people, as is customary, relax and take a break from their daily habits. However, there is also a number of people who use the summer to build their professional future.


This usually happens during the third summer month, when many people are asked to adapt to a new reality, especially when they change jobs and take up a new occupation, with many potential challenges, primarily on a professional, but also on a psychological level. It is thus clear that wellness plays a key role for the new job.

Therefore, each person is called upon to clarify their responsibilities and tasks in order to avoid mental, physical and psychological exhaustion.

Communicating with the supervisor

Thus, when taking up a new job, it would be beneficial to discuss with the new supervisor or employer the expectations that they have of him or her. These will determine their performance, as well as their role in the company. Of course, a similar thing can also take place during the interview process, through which he or she will ask questions to clarify any specifics, as well as how to cooperate and communicate with the supervisor.

A Balanced Work Schedule

Once the above is carried out, everyone can and is able to adhere to a new work schedule. Certainly the beginning requires a few extra hours of work in order to show more productivity in the new profession. However, this does not mean that he or she should become exhausted. That is why finding the golden balance between professional and personal life is crucial, in order to not overdo it and exceed the physical and psychological limits. This means that everyone needs to remain calm and give themselves a breather.

Distribution of responsibilities

The division and distribution of responsibilities can be prioritized, after communication with the supervisor. This will benefit each employee as they organize and plan the tasks that they have been assigned to do, better.

Say “no” to toxic work environments

new jobAs long as everyone’s personal goals are achieved based on what they have been entrusted with, they can also improve their well-being by creating good working conditions with the colleagues they work for long hours. This will be achieved through appropriate behaviour and showing professionalism.

Support and help from our partner

In case someone works from home, one can discuss with their spouse about household chores so that they can help each other. Explaining which times he or she will not be available, setting healthy boundaries and respecting each other’s limits are important. If this situation lasts for several hours, outside help may be required.

Say “yes” to personal time

In this way, it becomes clear that none of this can be accomplished unless each person takes some time for themselves. This can be achieved by walking, reading, meditating, and communicating with one’s own people. This gives one strength physically, spiritually and psychologically to prepare for the new week ahead.

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