Netflix horror series that won’t let you sleep at night!

Translated by Αναστασία Τσιτσάνη

Based on the original article in Greek by Δημήτρης Μαρίντσιος

Whether you like it or not, Netflix is now a big part of our lives. Actually, it is… our life! Don’t tell me that you have never sat in front of a screen for endless hours or that you have never finished a season of a series in just one week.

Netflix’s biggest “plus” is no other than the variety in series of all genres that it offers. This time, we chose horror series, a.k.a the series that you watch saying “okay, I’ve had enough, I need some sleep”!

We hope that our four series suggestions will not let you sleep, either because they are epic or because they are too scary! So, let’s begin.

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments

In this series we see the life of a sweet teenage girl, who should normally be thinking about boys, her looks or college, things that teenagers mostly worry about. But no, this is not the case as we are talking about a horror series!

Young Clary Fray falls in with the wrong crowd– as my mother would say- and is caught up in a group of people that hunt demons for fun. Her aim is to save the world from the bad and the evil. This award-winning series is based on a book and constitutes a Netflix production.

The Haunting of Hill House

A family moves out of their old house because it seemed haunted. However, the memories of everything they lived there stay with them. Too much darkness and high suspense will not let you sleep at night. This series is also based on a book.

Chilling adventures of Sabrina

Sabrina; the girl who you would not want to have any relation with. In the plot of the series, Sabrina is a woman who is half-mortal, half-witch. She is torn between her adolescence and her parents’ inheritance, the Church of Night.


I will just tell you one thing: Japanese production. Just think about telling a friend of yours that you watch a Japanese horror series. He would surely question your sanity. Now back to the plot: eleven classmates from Japan wake up trapped in a large dining room without knowing why they are there. If you asked me to describe the series with just three words, these would be them: mystery, horror, suspense.

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