Most Common Job Interview Questions

Translated by Anastasia Tsitsani 

Based on the original article by Μαργαρίτα Σαρηγιάννη 

Modern-day reality requires a lot of things, especially in the job market sector. It is true that even if we have all the desired qualifications for a position, we actually have to convince the employer that we are, in fact, capable of dealing with the role. In any case, we have to be ready to answer some crucial questions during any interview, based on the qualifications needed.

Communication skills

It is very likely that we will be asked about a presentation that we did or moments when we managed to convince someone through our ideas. Moreover, we might be asked about how we managed to explain something complicated to a customer. Examples of times when we relied on written communication in order to transmit inspiration and ideas to the team are also very important. Lastly, it is possible to be asked about how we would handle demanding clients and whether their needs should be a priority.

Motivation and ethic

The interviewee will likely have to describe a problem from the workplace which needed to be solved, as well as name some initiatives they took. In addition, the interviewee might be asked: What is their biggest achievement? Were there moments of intense creativity? Were there times when they were under low or high pressure?

Time management skills

In today’s globalized economy, responsibilities are always increasing, while time limits are getting too tight. An employer, considering the fact that sometimes there is not enough time for everything, might ask: In which way do we handle numerous duties in a tight timeframe? Which strategy did we follow in order to meet a deadline for a work project? How was a long-term project we took on completed?

Adapting quickly

It is obvious, that working conditions change frequently. So, it is very important to be able to adapt to each situation. In an interview we have to be ready to answer to questions regarding how we cope during moments of working pressure, changes that happen out of the blue, but also to what extent do all of the above affect us. Moreover, we might be asked about moments of failure or our first working experience!


Also, we should not forget that the team spirit is the be-all and end-all of every company. Because of this, the employer will much likely focus on how we can work with a team and how we would face a colleagues’ integration difficulty problems. In addition, we might be asked whether there have been unsuccessful attempts of trying to get information from others. And lastly, whether or not we have done something wrong in front of others that we now regret.

After preparing for these questions, it will be easier to be more diplomatic and strategic with our answers in a future interview, while impressing the employer and securing employment in today’s labor market!


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