Maintaining Strong Interpersonal Relationships

Translated by Anastasia Tsitsani

Based on the original article by Ελευθερία Χασάπη

Aristotle, the famous philosopher, once said that humans are gregarious creatures. In order to survive and progress, it is necessary to be around others. These wise words are still, even today, relevant, despite the rapid development and progression of our times. Each one of us wants to co-exist, share, help, love and be loved. But how will we achieve these goals on an interpersonal relationships level?


In this day and age, since most people waste their time using electronic devices (such as smartphones, tablets etc.) human relationships are threatened. As exaggerated as it may sound unfortunately it is true. A healthy relationship requires our interpersonal contact and interaction, honest and clear communication. It is essential to express ourselves verbally in order to share our ideas with others, because nobody can know what someone else has in mind. Of course, Internet really contributes to our communication with loved ones who live far away. Thus, being on social media and interacting daily and frequently with siblings or friends working abroad, or even our partners, constitutes the base of these relationships.

Understanding each other

Often, when we try to build the ideal – according to us – relationships, we forget other people’s wants and needs. Our feelings towards people that are close to us lead us to arbitrary decisions, figments of our own imagination. In order to not act and think this way it is helpful to discuss with others, forgive their mistakes and be patient in favor of maintaining a healthy relationship. But, most importantly, we need to be aware of what we really look for in each relationship.

Give them your time and attention

In order to maintain our relationships with others it is important to set time aside so that we can give them our undivided attention. We need to make them realize that we care about them, their problems, their anxiety and, generally, be with them through their good or bad. Surely, actually practicing the phrase “through thick and thin” can be challenging. Moreover, it is not always us who are in the center of every discussion and we should let others express themselves and their thoughts.


Respect is the be-all and end-all of human relationships, as well as the key to maintain them. Each one of us has to respect the choices, the interests, the hobbies or decisions of one another, even if we have a different opinion. We choose people the way they truly are and we should not try to change them. And remember: we should treat others the way we want to be treated and be grateful that we have them by our side.

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