La Famille Bélier

Translated by Anastasia Tsitsani

Based on the original article in Greek by Αγγελική Ρουμπάτη 


La Famille Bélier is a French comedy-drama film starring Louane Emera, Karin Viard and François Damiens, directed by Eric Lartigau. La Famille Bélier shows us the life of sixteen-year-old Paula, who lives with her deaf parents and brother in a farm in France. She has to act as an interpreter for the members of her family, since she is the only one that can speak and hear.

Paula’s life completely changes when her music teacher discovers her singing talent and suggests that she participates in a song contest in order to be accepted at Maîtrise de Radio France. It is one of the biggest music schools in Paris, which will lead her into a career in music. However, this means that she will have to leave her parents and her farm life in order to follow her dreams.


La Famille Bélier sold 7 million tickets in France and it was nominated 16 times at 6 different film contests (César Awards, European Film Awards, Globes de Cristal Award, Lumières Awards, Magritte Awards and Sarlat Film Festival).

It is a very emotional movie, concerning modern daily issues while cross-cutting dramatic scenes with comical elements. The changes during the movie keep the viewer at the edge of their seat and give rise to various emotions. It is a must-see!



France, 2014. Duration: 106’

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