#JingleDays: Christmas Gift Ideas

Translated by Elisavet Kechagia

Based on the original article in Greek by Βασιλική Αναστασίου

Christmas has always been the season to be jolly but also the season of gift exchanging. Our loved ones match the number of our Christmas wishlist, our budget is nowhere near satisfying, but usually where we are bankrupt is in the ideas section!

In our search for a unique and impressive present, more often than not, we tend to forget that it is the gesture and the person delivering it that counts. You can easily find a useful, practical or more intimate present with half the money that will actually double the joy of the receiver. Let’s see what’s on the CityCampus Christmas Sack! Don’t worry, we will share some of our Christmas gift ideas with you.

Christmas Gift Ideas: The Practical Must Haves

It is all about locating a need, such as buying a keyring for the one who keeps forgetting them, or enhancing what they already have in their possession in regards to a hobby or work. You know them best!

To the chain smoker of the group a tobacco pouch would be a lifesaver and avenge all filters lost to pockets and big bags, or an ashtray in the colours of their favourite football team if they also happen to be chain match watchers.

Practical Must Haves could also prove to be practical for you! If your other half stands you up almost every other date, the gift of choice could be a clock, or a radio alarm clock that is generally more merciful than its cousin.

The Cosy Corner

Christmas season is still winter season and that means we all crave warmth and something to keep the bitter cold at bay. You could help your loved ones by providing them with an imaginative cup, matching gloves and scarf, or even funny, christmasy socks to create their own cosy corner. The possibilities are endless!

If you have siblings you could break the tradition of formal clothe-gifting and present them with a fresh pair of…pyjamas! As far as parents go, slippers are always welcome.

The intimate choice

The perfume is an all time classic, but requires a bit of…well intimacy between you and the other person. If you are not familiar with their taste you can always get them a pleasant body lotion, or an aftershave.

If it is a woman you have in mind, you can always opt for make-up, affordable jewellery, bags or scarves. Chances are she could use one of them right now.

If it is a man you have in mind, you can look for a belt, a tie, a scarf or a fancy wallet.

The Unique Ones

Again, intimacy is key and can give you great hints on what to buy. A book is always an excellent choice even if you are not a hundred percent sure about it, since it is guaranteed to take them on a journey.

If you happen to know a person that could have easily been a groupie to an artist, don’t hesitate to print them a t-shirt, or buy them related merchandise.

Last but not least, nothing says “I love you” like special moments captured in a beautiful phrame. This way your loved ones can always run up to them when they think of you and relive them.


If the contents of our sack still don’t meet your needs, well there is always the option of coal.

Just kidding! Go DIY and let the creative juices flow!

Youtube is brimming with easy and affordable DIY tutorials.

In hopes that this article has given you a lot of ideas regarding the best christmas gift ideas end, I have one last thing to share with you. Gentle reminder: The present matters because it is from YOU. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get to buy presents for everyone. A warm conversation and an intimate card cannot be bought or wrapped, but will be etched forever in their heart and mind!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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