Internet radio: a new cultural revolution

Translated by Dafni Manti

Based on the original text by Andreas Fragkos

The radio is a great means of expression through words, sounds and mutual communication. The internet radio has become a more special version of the traditional radio, broadcasting worldwide 24 hours a day, expanding the loving atmosphere that defines radio shows.

Digital opportunities

The invention and spread of the internet was the start of the worldwide network on which the internet radio was based and developed. It is possible for any website to host ambitious radio stations and producers, who wish to broadcast their signal all over the world. Location always plays an important part; hence a studio and the right equipment are crucial for better sound quality.

A new radio

Internet radioIt’s about a new form of radio, adopted by computers, tablets and phones where people can listen to their favorite station wherever they are, be it mountain, beach or even abroad. Greece has hundreds of internet stations, each with their own audience and volunteering producers and agents. This new wave of volunteer work has taken people from the optical media like television, and transferred them to the world of radio. People who enjoy this form of media have finally the chance to create something beautiful, keeping an international profile and following the FM radio archetype.

Reach and revenue: internet radio

The basis of reach comes through the station’s website, the chat which plays a big role in attracting listeners and the social networks that make the station’s selections known. Parties or competitions are often organized to increase the audience. Of course, the bitter truth is that on average a few dozen listeners attend reaching a few hundred at best. Nevertheless, this does not take away the possibility of receiving advertising revenue especially from regional and district businesses that find an opportunity as sponsors to advertise their products and services.


The goal now is to bring economic growth and technological development to the online radio scene. Despite the economic downturn in Greece, big steps have been made and many stations have made their presence known. The challenge is to leverage new technologies and the internet in order to provide something fresh to the listeners.

Live broadcasts from bars, concerts, parks and other venues boost this whole movement. To make a station successful requires research, planning, original ideas and investment. Apps can embrace this new medium and offer alternatives that don’t exist in conventional radio. Additionally, international partnerships are absolutely essential at all stages of production and operation. Mixing different music genres and adding more alternative sounds, can bring a new vibe to the internet radio.

Authenticity & progress

A classic virtue is the personal relationships formed with the small audience. This is a distinctive difference that of course tends to disappear as that radio program increases in popularity. Authenticity is the key to ultimately win over the niche audience, who devotes several hours to the particular station. Advertising and promoting the show, be it via social media pages or groups, is also necessary.

Finally, the work of journalists and the production of news, sports and political programs would make it more interesting. Target groups from professional and community groups, and local news are a great opportunity to gain loyal audiences and create successful shows, even with niche audiences. For example, small television stations rely on auctions, advertisements of special products and idiosyncratic hosts. Internet radio can be the main link to all the new online and smart technologies and if carefully handled by investors, who believe in it, can be globalized by broadcasting music and programs all around the world, all thanks to its own valuable nature and the pure passion of its members.

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