10 ways to better organize your summer holidays

Translated by Louiza Parnou

Based on the original article in Greek by Αγγελική Χτενέλλη

Summer has arrived and the much needed holidays are here as well. However, are you sure you have organized everything so that you won’t have to rush around at the last minute? If not, I have some suggestions for you that may be useful for your summer holidays.


Airplane or ship?

The sooner you make your schedule, the faster you will end up choosing the dates and the destination of your trip, in order to book your tickets. The best time to book a flight is at least  two months before your trip, whereas, there is the option of the ship for which the ticket prices are the same all year long.


You should also book your accommodation well in advance, as the wide availability offers not only the best prices but also the location of your preference. This is one of the basic criteria in order to decide if you need a vehicle or not. 

The Piggy Bank for your holidays

Some of the main contributing factors of organizing your holidays are saving money and the having a budget. Due to these factors, a nice idea is having a piggy bank exclusively for your summer holidays, in which you will save money on a weekly basis, even if the amount of money is minor. You may be surprised by the amount of money that will be gathered.

Pack like a Pro

The most difficult moment is the moment of packing. I’m totally sure you are torn in two as which of your belongings you should take with you or not. Quality and great selection is what you need. Holidays are closely related to feelings of coziness, so choose comfortable and breezy clothes that fit with everything, as well as convenient shoes without them being excessive. Otherwise, how will you walk around the cobbled streets? Additionally, don’t forget that a lot of the necessary bath products are offered by the majority of the hotels and you don’t need to carry them with you.

Self-care products

Due to sun exposure, skin protection and hydration are essential. Some of the basic products you need to carry in your make-up bag are sunscreen and your moisturizing cream. As far as your cosmetic products are concerned, you don’t need many of them. During our holidays, we escape the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. Your smile and your sun kissed skin are enough.

Small first-aid-kit

As cheesy as it may sound, nobody can avoid unforeseen circumstances during the holiday season so you have to be prepared in case you feel seasick or you are stung by an insect. Why should you let these things ruin your mood, if you can prevent them?

Taking care of your pet

In case you’ve got a pet, you need to prepare for its abidance in a relative’s or friend’s house for the period you’ll be away. Differently, there is the alternative of a Pet Hotel.


Electronics and gadgets are not by any means related to the real meaning of the holidays. Enjoy your walks on the beach and leave the unnecessary things back home. A smartphone or a tablet are enough to serve the aim of communication. They are also useful as navigators and as online travel guides.

Brief research 

In order to have a general idea about the beaches and the sightseeing you plan on doing, it would be beneficial if you did  a research. In that way, having in mind the information you ask for, you will be guided more easily by the locals. Furthermore, you will be informed in advance about the activities that are available in your destination and you will have managed your time and money accordingly.

In conclusion, the most important factors of all, are the pleasant company of your friends, the cheerful mood and a camera ready to collect memories. Have fun during your holidays!

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