How to increase social media traffic

How to increase social media traffic

Original article in Greek by Andreas Fragos

Translated by Dafni Manti

A company’s presence on social media is absolutely essential in order to attract customers and capture a significant share of the market. High traffic on social media is a necessary and efficient tool for generating revenue and safe returns. It takes skill, work and strategy to achieve something like that. Below are some key points for success.

Social media traffic: Reach

The first thing to consider is the number of users to whom any post will appear. It is an indicator provided and updated for free by all the popular social media. Therefore, analytics should be studied daily, while posts should be compared, evaluated and advertised through promotion, financial actions and campaigns.


The second thing we need to do in order to increase social media traffic is to ensure engagement with the post, like how many users didn’t just skim through the post but also clicked to read all the hidden details. This metric is also present in analytics and is a key factor in the decisions that every business owner will make. Hence key posts are advised not to be a single word or too short, but they must have an explanatory text that reveals the loyal readers. If questions are asked in the comments, they should be answered in a helpful and responsible manner.


All of the above is based on how interesting the content of the post is, if the wording of the text is cheerful enough, and if it is accompanied by beautiful images, engaging videos and emoticons that make the texts friendlier. In a word, it has to “impress”. Everything is aimed at making the post steal the show and become a point of interest. With practice, experience and careful study of posts with high visibility from any page that sells products or services, one may reach the desired outcome. Basically all knowledge is in front of our screens waiting to be discovered. Also if the standards are high, a graphic designer will be needed to curate the announcements.

Social media traffic: notifications

Another aspect that can boost the popularity of a page is its notifications. Essentially, it should not be left to chance as the planning of each post ought to consider whether the result will generate a lot of shares. One way for a social media manager to quickly gain followers is by sharing in social media groups.


Studying competitors is of immense importance. As much as we need to know the prices of competing products, we also need to know their policies and content of their own social media. The game of impressions is neither won nor lost in one night. It is a civilized war that goes on forever, 24/7 and 365 days a year. So it requires vigilance, awareness, constant updating and effective tactics.

Planning a post

The key to making posts for the general public is attention to detail. Creating a schedule with regular and unplanned posts helps with maintaining a vision, a plan and a strategy. Modern businesses are required to pass on their principles, reveal the possibilities they offer to their customers and show sincerity and genuine interest. They are judged by what they offer and not by what they earn. The digital world delivers value when there is real value found in what a business provides and what it does to become better.

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