How to get the creative work you’ve always wanted

Translated by Stella Vasileiadou

Based on the original article in Greek by Aris Alexiou

creative work

Sometimes you think that your University may not be the right option for you, or that your work environment begins to frusrating, or that the walls are closing in on you, and you end up feeling that you start running out of motivation. You start thinking about all those creative talents you didn’t chase, choosing instead to listen to people’s opinions that are a result of boredom and outdated perceptions. You actually sacrificed your creative spirit in the name of a safer job, with fixed earnings,in order not to step out of your comfort zone. But, may having a creative job be something feasible for you and something that should be a part of your upcoming business plans? The following steps might help you unleash your creativity from the “square” of your everyday routine.

List of skills – achievements

You already know that written words remain, and this is exactly what could act as a source of inspiration or awakening for you. Take a pencil, paper, set some time aside and write down all the talents you think you have. This could include theater, painting, music, creative writing, good communication skills or even giving good advice. It would be good to start with the phrase : “I like to…’’ or ‘’I am excited about’’ before you list all the things that are fulfilling to you creatively. This may give you some additional inspiration and get you in a better mood.

Once you have completed the list of your skills, you then add the achievements that are related to the talents mentioned above. A simple sketch, some random quotes, or throwing successfully a party for a friend, could be some things that show you have a creative side and also a reminder that you are really good these things. Are you feeling proud of yourself, and ready to get into action? We have your back. If not, keep reading this article.

Creative work; Look for a mentor

Concepts like Life Coach, influencer, or vlogger are trending at the moment, and many people may laugh at them or mock them, but the truth is that they could be really helpful to you. What you need is a tip, a good advice, a motivation, an idea that could urge you to get up and do things and turn your talent into creative work. There’s no doubt that there is someone out there who you really admire, appreciate their work and talent, and that you would like to follow a similar path to theirs. So do not hesitate to reach out to them via social media or even by e-mail, and ask them for advice on how to get started.

If like this seems too much for you or you think that it may not work for you, you can try looking at people in your environment. A university professor, a friend who’s an artist, or even the owner of a place you hang out a lot – these are some examples of people close to you, who will probably not refuse to exchange ideas and help you. Find the strength, be persistent and in the end you will get the answers you need.

Get out there!

One of the major obstacles you have to overcome to get a job that makes the most out of your talent(s), is shyness. If you want to be less shy, you will need to your self out there and show your true colours to others. I know, it’s difficult at first , but in the end everything will work itself out. Start by doing a presentation of your skills in front of your friends or family. If your talent is of an artistic nature, try showing your work on the street. A street performance, whether it is music, theater or drawing-painting, will help you feel comfortable with having an audience and you will stop being so shy.

Once you feel ready enough, you could feature your talent in an art space or even ask from a space that you frequent -such as ca, bar, or other- to dedicate a specific evening to your work. There is a huge demand for new and upcoming artists with fresh ideas. Do not be afraid to express yourself publicly. After all, that’s how most artistic souls began their journey.

Send as many applications as you can

If creative writing, good communication skills, or giving advice are some areas that make you feel confident and productive in, start filling out applications and sending your resumé for positions that will help you nurture your talent. The start may be rough, so keep in mind the possibility of doing that work voluntarily. And this is a creative work. Websites like for example, help people that are talented at creative writing, to show it off. Of course, volunteering is a much easier task than working professionally, and it could benefit your CV with valuable experience. If you send applications on a daily basis, you will likely increase your chances of doing the creative work you love. Don’t be afraid of rejection, it’s a part of life. If you believe in yourself, you will eventually succeed.

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