Gamification: Educating Leaders

Translated by Elisavet Kechagia

Based on the original article in Greek by Stelios Abatzidis

Every leading position associated with management and administration entails taking immediate action so as to cater to complex situations that may arise. That of course, requires practice and involvement on a daily basis. However, how can one achieve all that without compromising their business, or their team with potential failure early on? Gamification is the solution!

What is it exactly?

In truth, matters that have to do with the ways in which a business or a team functions are interrelated and are interlinked. Therefore, the right answer to this question is neither obvious nor one-dimensional. A leader needs to calculate a plethora of variables before reaching a solution that they deem to be right. One can find themselves in a similar situation by entering a space exploration or virtual flight game simulator. It is thanks to the similarity that lies between the demands of administrative work and that of video games, that gamification was brought forth. It is essentially an experience that lasts for merely a few days, and aims to educate its participants in dealing with complex situations and functioning as a team through…videogames.

Where can it prove useful?

Leadership-centered educational programs utilize two ways in order to assist aspiring leaders: case studies and practical skills development. Simulations provide insight on how to properly handle an emergency before it even occurs, all the while taking place in a pleasant and creative setting. They provide one with the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and analyze the right and wrong responses they gave throughout the course of the simulation. The practical knowhow and the correct response in the face of stressful situations are achieved substantially better under calm, composed and versatile conditions. And what better environment to replicate this atmosphere in an ideal, controlled way than a game?

gamificationFurthermore, throughout the game one can assume different screen roles (pilot, co-pilot, monitor, cabin crew) and delve deeply into each role and its particularities. All these, in contrast to the conventional tools of educating leaders, those traditionally being learning exchange, action learning and role-rotation.


A good leader is made, not born. Especially nowadays, one can acquire their skills in front of a simulator thanks to gamification. Aspiring leaders are now shaped by means of sophisticated software, a screen and a mouse, evading parts of the hard path of success that passes by real failure. Gamification is a fast, affordable and risk free way of developing one’s leadership skills.

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