Forget your passport: foreign languages are the new way of travelling

Translated by Αναστασία Τσιτσάνη

Based on the original article in Greek by Ανδριάνα Μισυρλή

It goes without saying that the current situation of the Greek society leads more and more young people into seeking a better life abroad. Fluency in foreign languages is a key qualification and a passport in the hands of those who decide to leave their country and try their luck abroad. This might end up being very beneficial if you decide to live in one of the countries that have been characterized as the best ones to live in as far as the quality of life, economic growth and their global/world power are concerned.

The 10 ideal countries in which you can spend the rest of your life (according to a research conducted by the U.S. News & World Report for 2018) are, with ascending order, Holland, France, the United States of America, Australia, Sweden, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and, at the very top of the list for two years in a row, Switzerland.

As a result, the languages spoken in these specific countries are the “kings” of the international chessboard and learning them is the “checkmate” for the insurance of an auspicious future! These languages are:


The first language of the list does not come as a surprise, since it is not only the foreign language with which we come in contact from a very young age, but also the “mother” language of the Internet and technology. The English language is officially used by the financially and politically powerful countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, USA and Australia. This means that English is a language that broadens your choices, while being your armory for your integration in the international map. 


German is a language spoken in countries of huge financial importance, such as Germany and Switzerland. This language with the strong accent can be the foundation for your installation in one of the biggest financial strongholds of the world.


Learning to speak Japanese can end up being a very good choice, if you are willing to live in one of the superpowers of the East, which is no other than Japan. Japan is the pioneer in the world of new technologies and it has managed to see an economic miracle, with its huge markets and ultramodern enterprises having a lead role internationally.


France is one of the most powerful countries worldwide, reflecting its financial, political and cultural prestige in the whole world. French, the language of love, is a necessity if you want to live in one of those romantic and historical countries of the world.


The Netherlands is one of the richest states of the European Union, with a system of total order and high functionality. The Dutch language can contribute to your gradual assimilation in one of the most organized countries in the world.


For various reasons, Sweden is considered to be an ideal country to live in, since it is distinguished in the quality of the environment, social protection, working field and of course its high education system. Thus, Swedish leads the way to a calm and of high-quality way of life in the Scandinavian country.

However, we have to take into consideration the fact that learning a foreign language is not only limited to profit-driven reasons, neither does it exclusively constitute a mean of competition and dominance towards other people. By learning foreign languages, we broaden our horizons, we discover new cultures and bridge the cultural differences between different people, with whom we would probably never have the chance to communicate. So, let’s start by realizing that having fluency in a foreign language is not only a way of prevalence in the international “arena”, but also a motive for discovering new worlds, different from ours.

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