#Foititrips: Ski centers in Greece

Translated by Elisavet Kechagia

Based on the original text in Greek by Stelios Ampatzidis

From December onwards, a magical winterscape is created that is admired and enjoyed by both children and adults alike. The mountainous regions of Greece during winter will undoubtedly put their natural beauty on display, and for this exact reason this article is here to present to you some of the best ski centers and resorts that our country has to offer!

Ski centres in Greece: Peloponnese, Central Greece

Mount Parnassus

To begin with, one of the ski centers that one could visit is the ski center of Parnassus. Located at Mount Parnassus in the municipality of Boeotia in the regions of Kellaria and Fterolaka, this center is surrounded by evergreen Greek firs native to Cephalonia. The prices for adults range from ten (10) to fifteen (15) euros, while the price for children is that of five (5) euros.


Another region famous for its ski center is that of Kalavrita, located on the north side of Mount Helmos in the municipality of Achaia. The center is situated in Xerokampos, within a mere fifteen kilometer distance from Kalavrita, with the enchanting scenery of Helmos and the majestic view of the Ionian Sea, the Pagasetic gulf and the gulf of Patras awaiting its visitors. The price range however varies here: for adults, prices start at fifteen (15) and reach twenty five (25) euros, and as for children between the age of 5 and 18 and university students the prices range from twelve (12) to twenty (20) euros. Finally, for visitors with special needs, as well as children up to 5 years old and visitors over 70 years old, entrance is free of charge.


Another popular ski center is that of Karpenisi. It lies on Mount Velouchi in the municipality of Evritania amidst a wondrous, snowcovered winterscape. If you are an adult, the ticket to this captivating destination ranges from twelve (12) to twenty (20) euros, whereas the prices for university students range from ten (10) to fifteen (15) euros. The student price for children from 6 to 17 years old ranges from ten (10) to fifteen (15) euros, while people with disability and children up to 5 years old enter for free, with a set price of five (5) euros for a ride aller retour on the aerial lift.


Last but not least comes the ski center of Mainalo in the municipality of Arkadia. It is situated at the Ostrakina plateau at an altitude of 1600 meters beneath Profitis Ilias, Mainalo’s highest peak (1981 m.). Adult ticket prices range from ten (10) to fourteen (14) euros, and children and university students pay between eight (8) and eleven (11) euros to enter, while the Baby lift has a set price of five (5) euros. Adult ski equipment rental costs twelve (12) euros, whereas the price for a slay ride for children and university students is set at ten (10) euros for a small sized slay, whereas a bigger sized slay costs fifteen (15) euros.

Central and West Macedonia


In Northern Greece, the ski centre scene is dominated by the ski resort of Kaimaktsalan, which is among the most significant ones, located in the municipality of Pella. Swarms of visitors from Northern Greece come to its gates every year and it is an emblem for nature lovers and mountaineers.

It is within reach of the town of Edessa (just 45 kilometers away) and stretches on the northeast side of the mountain, reaching an altitude that ranges from 2.050m. to 2.480 m. Adult ticket prices start from five (5) reaching up to ten (10) euros when off season and from six (6) to fifteen (15) during winter season, while students from 6 up to 17 years old, university students, and visitors from 65 years old and above pay a set price of five (5) to ten (10) euros. Lastly, tickets for children up to 5 years old and people with disability cost 1 euro.


Additionally, the National ski resort of Vasilitsa is located to the northwest of the municipality of Grevena within a 42 kilometer distance from its capital of the same name, in the heart of Pindos. It stretches on two mountains: the northeast side of Mount Vasilitsa that reaches an altitude of 2249m. and partly on the neighbouring Mount of Gomara. For those enticed to visit it, adult tickets cost thirteen (13) euros, while university student tickets cost ten (10) euros. The entrance for children starts at nine (9) euros.


Finally, Elatochori is another ski resort that stretches on the northeast side of the Pierian mountains, at the “Papa Chorafi” point at an altitude of 1.450 meters. Its advantageous location provides an excellent view of Mount Olympus and the river Aliakmonas. Tickets for adults are either eight (8) or eleven (11) euros depending on the season, whereas tickets for athletes, university students, military staff, large families and students up to 18 years of age cost from six (6) to eight (8) euros. Then, there are family packages where a three membered family can enter by paying a sum of twenty (20) to twenty five (25) euros, and a four membered family that of twenty five (25) to thirty (30) euros. The price for the Baby lift ranges from three (3) to five (5) euros.

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