#Foititrips; Roadtrip to Italy

Original article in Greek by Konstantina Koutsangeli

Translated by Elisavet Kechagia

Spring is here and so is our desire for spring break even if it is only a short and relaxing break from everyday life! Citycampus is also here to suggest one of the most interesting routes one can take for a unique and unforgettable road trip to Italy!

Amalfi Coast in Italy

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most scenic routes a traveller can take in Europe. Having the region of Salerno as their starting point and ending up to Sorrento, one can wander around the magnificent Italian Amalfi Coast, taking in some of its most enchanting spots. Naturally, the mind also wanders to stars enjoying their cocktails, driving in sunny streets with the breeze on their faces. Let’s steal some of their splendour, shall we?

Positano-The romantic city

A traveller can book airline tickets, reach the town of Positano and make it the base of their adventurous trip. It is one of the most picturesque cities of the trip and its location is perfect in relation to accessing nearby towns. Furthermore, one cannot exclude the mesmerising colours that adorn the sky at sunset that imprint on the mind of all that see them, and for that exact reason one’s very first stop should be Grande Marina beach. That’s where the crimson colour of the setting sun meets the emerald-blue waters of the sea and compose a romantic scenery fit not just for lovers’ eyes. What should most definitely not be left out of a road trip, is tasting the local delicacies. Positano, much like the whole of Italy, is famous for its fresh, cooked pasta, especially those prepared with seafood and olives. Last but not least, Positano provides an excellent opportunity for discovering the Mediterranean Coast and stopping by Capri, an island famous for the enchanting colours of the houses that surround its coastline, but also for the number of celebrities that visit it during the summertime.

Amalfi– The Mediterranean city

The time has arrived for exploring nearby cities. The only thing one has to do is rent a car from Positano and take the 75-kilometre route along the coast. It is considered to include one of the most iconic routes due to the multiple spots that one can fall in love with.  First stop: Amalfi. It might seem relatively quiet at first, in contrast to Positano, but its 11th century commercial flair and the fact that the 1343 A.C. earthquake decreased it in size, render Amalfi all the more unique and attractive for exploration. One can go for a walk at its harbour, or even reach its highest parts to enjoy its Mediterranean view. A stunning landmark for all the cathedral enthusiasts out there is the Duomo di Amalfi, also known as the Cathedral of Saint Andrew, with Arabic elements adorning its columns and palm trees surrounding it, making the experience of visiting it a trip to exotic lands in itself.  Another landmark worth visiting is the emerald cave, or la Grotta dello Smeraldo at Conca del Marini, where one can lose themselves in the endless emerald green and blue reflected in these magical waters.

Nocelle and Minori– The challenges

ItalyOn our way to the road trip’s final destination, the city of Sorento, it is worth making a stop at the city of Nocelle, where one can test their hiking limits counting 1700 steps from Positano, explore small villages along the way, meet the locals and experience Italy from an authentic and creative angle. The path of the gods, as this 6.5-kilometre route is called, will reward the traveller not only with experiences but also with local goods that the locals generously provide with their warm hospitality. Valle dei Mulini does not disappoint either, since it provides a view of the majestic waterfall and complete connection with nature throughout the route. The route ends at the picturesque harbour of Minori near the Basilica of Santa Trofimena, where the traveller can finally take in the rewarding scenery with a beverage of their choice.

Ravello– The historical city in Italy 

The next stop is no other than the city of Ravello, ready to magnetise all with its history. Leaving the car behind, one is free to wander around the square of Rufolo, a tiny castle. Following that route, one is led through narrow paths to the highest reaches of the city, where they can take the most mediaeval-looking pictures until they finally take in the panoramic view of Ravello. If it is something more relaxing that the traveller is after, the 11th century cathedral of Ravello is the best for enjoying the city’s historical side, minus all the walking.

Sorrento– The touristic city

And here we are, within reach of our final destination, at the city of Sorrento; one of the busiest and most popular cities among tourists, which provides an excellent opportunity for exploring the city of Napoli, also known as Naples. Once in Sorrento, one can not only wander around the harbour and enjoy delicious seafood on the sunny terraces of restaurants, but also cross Tasso square for a taste of the famous italian ice-cream, or buy a limoncello as a souvenir. For those still on their feet and with time for more, the historical city of Pompeii lies near Sorrento and is definitely worth paying a visit. What is more, both summer and spring months favour boat rides along the coast, which in turn offer a different aspect of it and the opportunity to live this adventure to the fullest.

There is no need to waste a lot of time: all it takes is organising the trip, even on the very map you have at hand, keeping in mind that such adventures leave behind nothing but positive and pleasant notes. Enjoy a road trip to Italy!

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