#FoitiTips: 5+1 Ways to Boost your Productivity

Translated by Anastasia Tsitsani 

Based on the original article by Ευανθία Νικολάου 

Do you really want to become more productive at your work, but you do not know how to do it? Surely, you have read plenty of articles concerning productivity. But the question is if you actually pay attention to this advice. Read carefully the following tips if you truly want to boost your productivity!

Wake up as soon as you hear the alarm clock go off

boost your productivityThe first important step, when it comes to starting your morning off, on a productive note is to actually wake up the minute you hear the alarm clock go off. And, when I say wake up, I don’t just mean open your eyes, but also get out of bed. The alarm clock can be a torture – that’s for sure. But, if you choose a nice song as your alarm clock, your mood will be good from the start of the day and, as a result, you will feel a boost of productivity.

Continue listening to music or watching funny videos

Until you wash your face and prepare your breakfast, keep listening to music in order to wake up completely and feel like you can finally start your day! One more thing that you can do is watch witty and funny videos; something that will awaken your mind and give you inspiration.

Healthy eating and exercising

Healthy eating and working out play an important role, if not the most important. When you feel good on the inside you can transmit that energy to all your activities. Take care of yourself in order to be able to be successful in whatever you do!

Organize your space

An organized space can help you organize your mind. Keep your space tidy and clean and you will have one more reason to work in it.

Organize your mind

When you are done tidying up your space, “declutter” your mind. Set small goals and create a realistic working plan. It is usually considered better to start from the hard work and eventually move on to the easier tasks, so that you won’t have to deal with the difficult ones when you will be tired already. But I would advise you the complete opposite. When you start with the easy ones, you have a better performance, since you are not discouraged from the start as you slowly achieve the desired result.

Extra tip: Find out your productive hours. You may think that you are more productive in the morning, but there are a lot of people whose productive hours are late at night. Try everything in order to find out more about yourself and your potential. And, after that, everything will seem easier, as long as think and act in a productive way!

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