#FoitiTips: Keeping up with e-learning 

Translated by Elisavet Kechagia

Based on the original article in Greek by Μυρτώ Μιχαηλίδου

In the wake of a pandemic that wreaked havoc in all sectors of everyday life, education is called to rise to the occasion equipped with the now widespread e-learning; which from the spring of 2020 had already become a necessity for a plethora of universities taking their first steps in exam-taking education platforms. However, both students and professors have better understanding of the situation by now. And the familiarization of both parties with them is crucial for the achievement of optimal results.

Given that the current situation might differ greatly from what we are used to, we are to locate the positive aspects that will allow us to cope better with the overall situation and assimilate more during the lesson. Thankfully, City Campus can provide you with some tips on how to turn this rather… alternative semester to your favor, and distance learning into an ally!

Digital Lecture (e-learning)

The lesson might find you comfortably seated in the convenience and warmth of your home, but you cannot escape the wakeup call. You are attending a lecture and should behave as if you were magically transferred to the auditorium. Therefore, you should keep taking notes and address your professor with any questions that come to mind. You can also use the Internet simultaneously, which is a great advantage. You can be logged in to e-class and at the same time access the extra material provided by your professor.

Constructive studying

e-learningThis may sound utopian to most, but it sure can save you a considerable amount of time. Once the lecture is over, you should resist the urge of unplugging the computer and devote a couple of minutes to skim through the newly covered material. In this manner, not only you reduce the expected amount of study-time required during the exam period, but you also give yourself a head start since you can always email your professor and resolve all unanswered questions early on.

Order is key

The fact that our house also serves as our classroom means the distractions that can lure us into procrastination are aplenty. Thus, finding your quiet, tidy and orderly zone is a must, especially if you live with your family, or a roommate. Your cell phone and the TV are also among the list of culprits, so you should keep them at bay for as much as possible, if you are to recreate the whole university experience.

It may very well be that distance learning is an uphill battle for the majority of people. But one thing is for certain: if we utilize the new data to our advantage, we will emerge better equipped both on an educational and a spiritual level and lay the foundation for collective introspection and change.

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