#Foititips: 9 Ways to Avoid Burnout

Based on the original text in Greek by Eleni Petinou

Translated by Maria Oikonomou

The modern daily life, its stressful and fast pace, the challenges that people are called to face in their workplace, lead more and more often to phenomena such as the Burnout. Otherwise, called as Occupational Burnout Syndrome. It is a syndrome that affects those who work under very demanding and stressful conditions.

The symptoms of Burnout

Psychological symptoms include: intense anxiety, decreased interest in work, feeling exhausted, pessimistic thinking. Physically: insomnia, headaches and stomach disorders. It is certain that symptoms like these should not be ignored. However, by following certain practices and adopting a specific way of thinking and acting in our lives and work, we may be able to avoid Burnout.

Plan your day properly

Make sure you manage your energy properly, define specific tasks that you need to do every day, without fail to include rest time in your schedule. In this way you can become more productive without exhausting yourself.

Remember what your basic needs really are

In addition to our work that completes and sustains us financially, we humans need sleep, food, relaxation, socialization and entertainment. It is not helpful to skip meals in order to save time working, nor to stay up all night working. Your entertainment and your time with your friends and family are really important as well.

Make sports part of your life

It is scientifically proven that exercise, besides keeping you in shape, reduces stress levels in the body and helps you to release anger and your negative emotions in general.

Meditation vs Burnout

Although it is an activity that has recently begun to become very popular in Greece, it is very beneficial for mind, body and soul, as it regulates your breathing and releases you  from stress.

Time to take up a new hobby

If you feel that you have time to engage in a pleasant activity, maybe it is time to find a hobby that will relax you and help you escape from the problems of everyday life and feel more creative.

Do not spend your free time at work

Although it is very difficult in the current conditions, try to change places or at least rooms when you are done with work. Do not eat in the office where you work. All these contribute to disconnect from the role of employee.

It’s not bad to say no

It is not bad to set boundaries in your workplace and refuse to take on extra work when you are already busy. After all, it shows that you know your limits and will make others trust you more.

Ask and offer help

It is not a shame to ask a colleague to share the workload when you are overworked and of course to reciprocate when you have the chance.

Do not be strict with yourself

The most important thing, however, is not to be hard on yourself. Have realistic expectations of you and accept your weaknesses. And don’t forget to tell yourself a good word every time you succeed!

Sometimes, it is indeed very difficult to maintain a balance between our working life and our mental health. Nevertheless,  it is especially important if we want to be physically and mentally healthy, to slow down a bit and do what we can to take care of ourselves.

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