Digital Decluttering: Organize your files

Original article in Greek by Christina Goura 

Translated by Dafni Manti

The evolution of technology has changed the way people work, as employees are starting to use digital data more frequently. Over time, due to data increase, many employees feel lost and, consequently, their work is less accurate and less organized. At this point digital decluttering comes into everyone’s life. Its goal is to simplify processes, to put documents and other digital data in order, to delete what is not needed and is deemed unnecessary. But how does it work?

How is Digital Decluttering used?


Are employees unable to manage files due to their storage overload on one computer? It is important to create a storage space on both computer and mobile (cloud) for saving files, photos, etc. It is best to make the settlement according to the date. The next step is to find a free application and to download it to sort all the files. It will immediately delete the unnecessary files and arrange the rest in folders. It also deletes all the remainders of the ones previously erased.


Everyone has complained at least once, about the amount of emails they have. This is created by the unnecessary subscriptions they make to various websites, newsletters and from which one must delete if they want to reduce emails. However, apart from the above, there are further steps to be taken. A second step would be to create email folders. When an email arrives, it will be automatically placed in the folder to which it belongs. When the employee wants to find a specific email, they will know which folder to open and find the corresponding email. This is a great way to save time, organize and delete unnecessary – unimportant emails. It’s also crucial to not view emails as something useless or insignificant. THEY ARE NOT! On the contrary, one must devote time, to reply to emails and fulfill one’s obligations, as to avoid piling up. This is another tip for avoiding multiple emails.


One of the things that can distract someone from their job is the many, continuous alerts they receive online. What can be done as a first step is to open the apps, and to separate them in those that are used often and those that are rarely used. Next, muting notifications from rarely used apps can limit distraction. However, if the goal is complete silence, then turning off of all notifications from the apps is also suggested.

Three month updates

Digital declutteringIt is necessary for employees to do something in order to avoid chaos every once in a while. First and foremost: It is necessary to clear documents, other files, images and more, every three months, in order to avoid clutter. The next equally important step is evaluation of communication channels. Usually, most people interact with accounts they think are useful, but never actually use them and just waste time. It is a good idea to check once every three months and delete accounts that are not in use. Finally, delete the downloads. For professional reasons, employees can download several files over a long period of time. You should save things you might need, save them in a folder and then delete them from the downloads list. This helps with organizing and saving time and space!

In conclusion…

Infinite, useless, unused files are created when you work on the computer… In order to be able to work properly and with a focused mind, one must follow some steps. These steps will help you put some order in both your computer and work.

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