#Debate: Having a roomate in college

Translated by Elisavet Kechagia

Based on the original article in Greek by Evanthia Nikolaou & Euridice Mpakalidou

Having a roommate in college is an issue that troubles a lot of students, and is definitely a one of a kind experience, be it from a positive or a negative point of view. So, at the end of the day, what are the pros and cons of having a flatmate at uni? Citycampus is here to help!



Let’s talk money

Let’s start with the basics: sharing obligations. Having a roommate comes rather handy when you come to think of all the chores and the expenses that come with maintaining house. You can share all that with them and reduce the stress around making ends meet. That way, you lift a weight off your parents’ shoulders, as well as your own (especially if you are a working student). Moreover, in case you haven’t had the time to cook after a long day, chances are that you will find some hearty food when you return meaning no need for take out.


Another positive aspect to having a roomate is that if you lose your house keys, there is always someone to let you in! Well, no, I’m just kidding. But, for real now, the good thing about it all is that you always have someone around. You come home after a full day at the uni and want to chill with a beer in hand? Or share some really important news with someone instead of staring a tv screen all by yourself, or just fool around? Well, your roommate will be there for you, even when you are stuck in second gear!

Self improvement

Other than keeping you company, sharing the same space with another human being can teach you values such as smooth cohabitation, making compromises and being responsible. You stop looking only after yourself since you are not on your own anymore, but live with another person. You learn to respect their rights and preferences. All this helps you come closer to your inner self and discover your limits.

Living with another person not only makes you understand yourself better, but understand them better as well. You will see in time that, in them, you have a really good friend that you trust. You’ll be together through thick and thin? Getting yourself out there by sharing your personal space with someone else might sound scary right now, but trust me, if you give it a shot you will see that it is a unique experience and is definitely worth it!



First things first: who exactly is your roomate going to be? You need to choose someone you trust, crossing your fingers they aren’t a stalker, or generally untrustworthy. It is a tough choice and a tough call to make, since it is rather unsafe and risky finding someone to share all these responsibilities with, be them financial in nature or about securing the house and your well-being as well.

Keeping it low key is key

There is no total freedom, since you will have to respect your roomate’s needs and vice versa. And yes, that means that you can’t go around blasting Nicky Minaj, doing all the dance moves, or waltzing around as you see fit.


If you are about to move in with someone you already know, you better think twice about it. It is highly likely that your friendship will come to an end, since you never know the other person 100%. Once they move in, pet peeves will start to emerge that will bother you both. That of course, is not a given.


The next step is a major one in the roomate-auditioning process, where you need to assess the situation you are in and try to figure out your potential roommate’s psyche before moving in together. This step is no other than cleanliness. For starters, let’s just avoid the two polar opposites: the cleaning megafreak of course, but also the guy that will adopt the cockroach that just dropped by. You never know on which case you are going to land, but it is vital that you are on the same hygiene page.

It is up to you to decide! Surely there are many pros and crucial cons to having a roommate, but you most definitely need to sleep on it before making the final decision. If you decide to move in with someone at college, make sure you set your boundaries from the beginning in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Whatever you choose, we wish it turns out exactly as planned and makes you happy! Keep in mind that these are the best years of your life no matter what!

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