How to cope with being in a bad mood

Translated by Elisavet Kechagia

Based on the original article in Greek by Μαρία Κοτρώτσιου

Do you feel like there is so much to do and yet so little energy to pull it through? Do your morning goals include hitting the gym, studying for the university or hanging out with your friends, but you always end up under the weather and under the covers after another marathon of your favourite show? Don’t sweat it! We have all been there, especially the after part when you get a bit depressed over the precious time lost. Worry not! The following tips will not only literally lift you out of bed, but lift your spirits at the same time. Let’s have a look!

Take up a sport, dancing lessons or the gym 

Exercising skyrockets pheromone levels which are responsible for our mood. You can always subscribe with a friend, but that shouldn’t be your deciding factor since you will get to meet a lot of new, like minded people. mood

Sleep with open shutters

The sun, or at least its rays during winter, will flood your room and replace your alarm clock. According to recent studies, morning people are in a better mood throughout the day and have more than enough time to finish their chores. This leaves more space for preparing the most important meal of the day that gets your metabolism up and running: a hearty breakfast.

Steer clear of negative people

Nothing can be build you more up, or bring you down faster than the people around you. Make sure to surround yourself with people that make you smile. 

Focus on the little things

We all have responsibilities and things in our life that we cannot evade, but they take up but a small part of our everyday life. Try to fill the rest of your time with a hobby that replenishes your energy and makes you happy. This can be anything from having a relaxing soak in bath salts, to walking your pet.

Invest in experiences, not things

Nowadays, people tend to spend a lot of money on clothes, shoes and state of the art technology that they don’t really need, but are rather conditioned to believe so due to the everyday bombardment of advertisements and the consumerism that saturates modern society. This is the reason why by the end of the month you use up all the savings for that trip you were planning. You should organize your income monthly so as to save accordingly and not deprive yourself of anything, like that much anticipated, refreshing trip. Besides, you can always make money but you can’t always make memories, so travel all you can!!

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