career change

Career change: Why you should do it!

Translated by Anastasia Tsitsani

Based on the original article in Greek by Εύη Ιωάννου

You have successfully graduated from university but you did not manage to find a job that is related to your studies. Do you feel like this is not the job you truly wanted and that you’d rather change careers? If you agree with the statements made below, it might be time to do something new…

Stress rather than satisfaction

At first, you liked the idea of being involved in this job, but now the only thing that it offers you is stress and anxiety. You cannot enjoy your daily life in your work environment and you always look forward to the weekend. Most of the time, your job responsibilities will be related to the wider career field, therefore finding a different job in the same field will not probably be a solution.

Your job does not allow you to develop your skills

This might have to do with only one specific job. However, you are the one to evaluate whether this career will generally limit your skills development. Maybe, you are even interested in a new career that will let you develop new skills.

No room for improvement 

When our profession gives us the opportunity to grow, then the hard work and accountability are rewarded. When this does not happen, it might lead to reconsideration of our choices. Generally, the lack of a potential promotion is a determining factor that makes many people change their career path. 

You have chosen a career path that does not actually have to do with your interests 

You might have already realized that during your studies, but for many reasons you decided not to do anything about it. The pressure of choosing the ideal university for us does not always let us choose wisely, depending on our interests. It is possible that after your integration in a workplace, you realize that it does not really interest you nor is it motivational.

Your professional goals have changed 

As the years go by, many elements that determine which career path is ideal for each individual may change. For example, you might discover new skills or interests that you didn’t know you had. Moreover, your priorities may change, such as wanting to start a family. 

If you decide to take the big first step, be prepared. Find which career path truly suits you, work on your CV and create a financial plan that will help you achieve your new goal. Leave all second thoughts behind and dare to do whatever makes you happy!

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