Career: 5 mistakes to avoid

Translated by Αναστασία Τσιτσάνη

Based on the original text in Greek by Άρτεμις Χατζηαθανασίου

In their career, most young people, contrary to future prospects and opportunities given to them, will have to face many difficulties. So, if you are at the start of your career and you are trying to lay strong foundations for your future, pay attention to the following common mistakes!

Obsessing over your career

A very common phenomenon is that many people think of their career as the only thing that gives their life meaning. Many times though, this ends up having negative consequences, since this obsession might complicate your relations with other colleagues or make you less productive.

You don’t always get what you deserve

There will be times when your hard and efficient work will be viewed as less worthy, and the countless working hours will not get the recognition they deserve. You should stick to what’s rightfully yours and claim it!

The main target is money

Many times, the main reason we choose a certain job is for its emolument. For sure, being able to live off your job is necessary, but something even more important is to do what you love. Loving your job is what makes your productive and efficient. This way, a good salary will be around the corner.

Lack of progress

A professional should never only count on the knowledge that he already owns. Life-long learning is always necessary. Technology and science are constantly evolving and you have to be capable of adjusting to the new changes.

Not setting personal goals

Every business and every company have to set various goals that their employees have to reach. But when you have too many obligations and too much work, you tend to neglect your own goals. This does not contribute to your personal development. You have to find creative ideas and start putting them into practice. This will have a positive impact not only on your career, but also on the company in which you work.

Nevertheless, we learn from our mistakes and we become more experienced. What matters the most is the way we handle these mistakes. Try to be flexible and learn from them, while always staying focused on your goal.

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