Bookstagram: The new trend where bookworms unite!

Translated by Elpida Dalietou

Based on the original article in Greek by Στέφι Ράσκοβα

What is bookstagram?

The word is comprised by book+instagram. It is a community of bookworms on Instagram, which was created quite recently and is constantly developing. New members join every day. On bookstagram, you can find photos of books, cozy couches or reading corners and everything that has to do with books and merch, i.e. funko pops, subscription boxes etc. In essence, bookstagram is a corner of the internet where you can meet people who share your passion for reading and discuss your favourite books.

Why should you be interested?

Firstly, the main condition is that you love books. The advantages of this platform are numerous and you sure can gain a lot.

You have the latest book news at your fingertips!

When will a new book be published, which books are worth buying, which is the most popular novel? On bookstagram you can read reviews and decide whether you want to read that certain book or not.

You make new friends!

Yes, I know how it sounds… But you can surely meet new people and make online friendships on bookstagram. For real, how many of your real-life friends can you keep pestering about the book that kept you up all night? Most bookstagrammers are more than willing to share their opinions with you and help you however they can! What’s cool about it is that you can search the book you like using a hashtag and comment under photos or participate in discussions.

It is definitely bookish eye candy!

They’re not just photos of books. Most bookstagrammers put their heart and soul into each photograph and they might even spend a whole day having a photoshoot and then editing the images. The photos on bookstagram are art! They’re really beautiful, carefully crafted and creative. They also combine the love for books and for photography.

As far as the advantages for that are concerned, the only one I can think of is that you’ll constantly want to buy new books! If you think of something else, leave it in the comments below.

Can I also make a bookstagram account?

But of course! The more the merrier. The only thing you need is books, a camera and a sprinkle of creativity. Below are the steps you can follow to create your personal bookish corner!

  1. Make a new account and use a username that has to do with books.
  2. Use a professional camera. If you don’t have one, you can also use your smartphone.
  3. There are a lot of apps that allow you to edit your photos. Tip: pay special attention to the description of each of your photos! You can add questions so that it’s easier to spark discussions with your followers.
  4. Find your own style. Something that expresses who you are and your interests. This might take a long time. Try again and again and you’ll eventually find your style.
  5. Use hashtags.
  6. Take part in bookish photo challenges.
  7. Learn more about your followers!

How you’ll use your account depends on you and what you want to make out of it. If you just want your share your opinions on a book, then it’s easier. But if you want to make money out of it or represent your favourite brands, then you have to spend more time on your images and make sure that the content you create and upload is of top-notch quality.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to create your own account, you can just follow bookstagrammers and feast your eyes on their photos!

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