#AskTheStreet: Why should I a volunteer?

Translated by: Maria Oikonomou

Based on the original article in Greek by Giota Diamanti

Marina, university student

– Tell us a few things about yourself….

My name is Marina and I am a student at the Department of Primary Education of the University of Thessaly. I am currently in my second year of studies and even though I am not working, my day is always full! I attend seminars, I go out with my friends and I participate in various volunteer activities.

– Are you a member of a volunteer organization?

I am a volunteer in the Ark of the World and the Orphanage of Thessaly, but I also participate in activities at the University. I generally like to help others and help out.

– How did you decide to volunteer?volunteer

Ever since I was little girl I was a member of the scouts and my family and I used to give toys for Christmas at various orphanages. It is something that really stuck with me. Now as a university student, I continue to help, specifically the children – I love them so much. Also, I believe that volunteering makes us better – because we may give, but also receive a lot. What you earn may not be money, but it is life experiences…. The skills you learn, the problem solving, even contact with children is a very important practice for my professional future.

Eleni, private employee

– Tell us a few words about yourself….

My name is Eleni, I am 30 years old and I work in the private sector. I have a degree in Business Administration and I work in customer service. In my free time I love going out with my friends, going on trips and watching movies with Lucy. Lucy is my dog! She is half-blooded stray Maltese who was wandering alone in my neighborhood last year. I saw her and I fell in love with her from the very first minute!

– So I guess you are also an animal lover since you showed such love for a stray animal…

Not only am I an animal-lover, I simply adore animals! I wish I had a huge house with a garden, so I could shelter many animals… However, because I can not do thatm I am actively involved in the Animal Welfare Group fighting for a better future for all stray animals.

– How did you make the decision to get involved with a volunteer organization?

It was completely random… When I saw these two eyes shivering that cold day, I could not help but take this animal in. Later when I contacted Animal Welfare to ask if this dog was lost or a stray, I saw so many innocent souls locked in cages and heard so many stories of owners abusing their pets – that really motivated me to help them. Through volunteering we become better people. We learn so many new things and at the same time, we meet people that are aware of social problems as well…. That was where I met the owner of the company in which I work today! The devotion I showed, my interest in animals and people, my communication skills, but at the same time the fact that I devoted time from my life to do something good, were important reasons for him to hire me.

Volunteering sets standards for people and shows the virtues of every person. After all, in CVs and interviews nowadays, employers ask about your volunteer experience and this is an asset for candidates, as it shows a lot about their personality.


Asking two different people, with different paths and personalities, we see that volunteering is a common point of reference. They consider it a praiseworthy quality in people. It fullfils one, as they give to others, while they learn to handle various situations and experience new things that otherwise they would never had.

It’s true, volunteering is an important part of our lives and rightly so, since in addition to the emotional and psychological gains, we acquire skills useful for our resumé and our professional development.

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