4+1 Apps for Increased Productivity – App Your Game

Translated by Elpida Dalietou

Based on the original article in Greek written by Konstantinos Kountouriotis.

If you scoff at people who put down their phones so that they can grab a notepad and a pen to jot down a phone number or if you think of technology as an extension of the human body, then this article is for you.

Productivity. How to do your daily tasks in a more efficient manner. Here are 5 apps that will allow you to reach new productivity levels!


Rainmeter is an application that allows you to place different graphics on your desktop. You can check today’s weather, the date, your e-mails, your reminders and more, directly on your computer screen! You don’t need to press any buttons and you simultaneously make your desktop a lot cuter. Take my desktop as an example:


Lightshot is a very popular desktop application that allows you to select any area on your desktop and take a screenshot with 2 clicks! A screenshot is basically a digital image of your screen. So, in order to avoid taking a photograph of your desktop using your phone, as if it’s the first time you get your hands on an actual computer, you can simply press the “prntscr” button on your keyboard, select an area on your screen and press copy/save. Piece of cake, right? 


OneDrive is an app available for both smartphones and computers. It allows you to save any type of document into your personal cloud storage and thus have access to it wherever you are. So, if you’ve got an internet connection, your files are always available to view and you don’t have to use a USB stick or an external hard drive. In addition to that, you can share documents with others by sending them a simple link. Neat, huh?

My Study Life

My Study Life is a cross-platform application for students and has everything that you might need for your classes! You receive a notification on your phone every time a class is about to start, you can upload your grades for each course and it automatically calculates your GPA. It’s the perfect tool to digitally organize your studies!

Windows 10 E-Mail App

The stock Microsoft Windows app is one of the best apps out there to read your emails. It boasts all the settings that you might need, such as linking multiple emails to the same account, notifications and categorisation. This is the best app due to three reasons: it’s fast, well-designed and easy to use.

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