6 + 1 ways to land your first job

Translated by Elpida Dalietou

Based οn the οriginal article in Greek by Maria Vagdouti

The period right after graduation is a huge transition for every graduate. It makes for an uncertain situation, your daily routine shifts and everyone starts to take on more responsibilities, which mainly concern vocational rehabilitation and financial autonomy. Hundreds, if not thousands, of candidates are in a sort of limbo, looking for a job that meets both their desires and the effort they have put in all this time. Of course, there are some ways to improve your chances of landing your first job.

Do labor market research

Even before creating a resume and personal preparation, you must be well aware of the needs, gaps and saturation in the labor market. Always adapt to the demands of the labor market. It is a mistake to create a resume and send it everywhere. Before submitting your applications, do proper research to find out where there’s demand in your industry.

Build your resume properly

Your first and most decisive contact with your potential future employer is through your CV. Your CV determines whether you belong to the small percentage that will proceed to an interview. Properly study the position you are interested in and adjust the skills you list accordingly. Do not list and fill in your CV with your generalized skills but only with what is useful for the position you are applying for. A cover letter can be very effective, stating exactly why you want to work for the company.

Try to gain experience

Part of a well-structured resume is your previous work experience. Of course, there are several ways and opportunities to gain experience before you even get your first job. Volunteering, for example, is a great opportunity to acquire soft and hard skills and knowledge in general in the field you are interested in, so that you can enter the labor market prepared.

Expand your circle of connections

Surely you have heard “it has nothing to do with what you know, but with who you know”. In this case, the saying could not be more accurate. Job opportunities can arise when you least expect it and, in many cases, may arise through someone you know. This acquaintance could be a relative, a friend, a simple acquaintance, whatever it is, you never know who may be looking for employees.

firts job

Present yourself correctly

Let’s talk about the time of the interview and the professional presence to the company. No matter how good your resume is and how much experience you have gained, no one is going to hire someone they do not trust, or who just has not made a good first impression. Present yourself with confidence and dynamism, confident in your abilities. The important thing is to be convinced that you are the most suitable for this job, and this will become apparent to your potential employer.

Create your personal value proposition

What sets you apart from the dozens or hundreds of other potential candidates who will be interviewed for the same employer? You cannot expect this question to be answered by your potential employer, must discover it yourself and be able to present it correctly. A competitive advantage could be any discrimination, but even hobbies or some extra interests and occupations (e.g. dealing with environmental issues).

Find what suits and excites you

All of the above can help you get your first job. However, nothing is as important as enjoying the profession you have chosen. If you add a general ability or talent to it, then finding a job will become even easier. In general, as the famous TV producer Steve Harley says, “if you are good at something then you can definitely make it a lucrative profession”.

The key in every step until you get your first job is to discover your personal abilities, skills and interests. These are the things that will set you apart from many other candidates who may have the same or more objective qualifications. In the end, nothing can guarantee that you will get the job of your choice, no matter how much advice you hear. The key is to be confident, not to be easily disappointed and to keep trying.

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