6 + 1 Smart Ways to Boost your CV!

Translated be Elpida Dalietou

Based on the original article in Greek by Athina Dimitrou

When the market is filled with cultured candidates applying for a job vacancy, your resume must compete with everyone else’s and stand out. Employers are looking for employees who understand the notions of their field. Employees who have the most outstanding qualifications (resilience, flexibility, sociability, ability to integrate into a cultural group etc). In fact, during job interviews, the questions are often not only pertain to the achievements mentioned in your resume, but also to your free time.

Why is that, you may ask? But for the employer to learn things beyond your CV and to get to know you as an individual and to discover your personality and interests, of course! If, for example, you read in your spare time, you are creative and constantly thirst for knowledge. If you are actively involved in team sports, that shows a team spirit of cooperation and an active perspective. If you volunteer in organizations, you are selfless and like taking care of others and so on and so forth. Let go of the monotony of your daily life, then, and acquire new skills while having fun!

Practice your PowerPoint and Excel skills!

Show that you fully understand how spreadsheets work and that you are able to successfully complete a presentation, whether you work in a trade-related profession or not (apart from your education, it’s a skill needed almost everywhere), perhaps via distance learning.

Use social media!

Any previous experience in social media stated in the job description is of utmost importance, even if it is not related to the role. It’s a smart way to convey an air of creativity and “build” your character as a person. It could be a recipe blog, a makeup or fitness program, it doesn’t matter.

Online or life-long learning

Whether you are unemployed or working, it is nice to fill the hours of your free time with an (online or not) training course, reassuring your employers that you are actively seeking ways to improve through life-long learning. It may be time to start a foreign language that you have not perfected or that you have not yet learned. Whatever you do, however, make sure it is relevant to the future of your career.


Oops, why’s volunteering so important? And yet, a one-day volunteering event enhances your entrepreneurial spirit, sociability and disposition for new professional acquaintances, which can lead to new projects. Whether charity is related to the field you work in, or is completely irrelevant, new acquaintances who will “open doors” for you are very vital. Reveal your most human side, free from any speculation.

Watch interviews!

Subscribe to suitable sites to receive free newsletters from posts and interviews in the field you work in. It will give you a complete picture of the market. Who the main players are, the current talking points, who makes the most profit and how, as well as many topics discussed in an interview advertisement, marketing and other areas.

Learn how to write a good CV!

In addition to your studies and previous work experience, refrain from making your CV look sterile and add some “color” and interesting points. Enrich the sections with seminars, degrees in undergraduate or graduate courses (whatever may work for your field), any volunteer work, hobbies and activities, the speed you read in, but also digital marketing, which is considered the future of today’s world. Finally, learn how to handle keywords for video interviews.

Seek advice from other colleagues!

Once offered advice from other successful employees or even entrepreneurs in your field, you will be able to see the “bigger picture” of your profession. So why not suggest a Skype chat? Finally, read online news about your profession every day!

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