5+1 Student Types You Will Meet at University

Translated by Elisavet Kechagia

Βased on the original article translated in Greek by Giota Diamanti

Oh the University, what a time!! You find yourself in a completely new environment surrounded by new people… Lessons begin and so does networking with your fellow students. What lies ahead of you though? Who are they? Here is a list of the main student types you will definitely meet.

The forever-stuck-in-second year

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Apart from being a lyric in the opening song of FRIENDS, forever stuck in second year is the most fitting definition for the eternal student. This student is always way older than you. You will meet them during the exam period of your fresh semester. And your meeting will be renewed for the exam period of the next semester and so on, since they are allergic to presentations and class in general. No matter the year or subject, they will always be there sitting next to you, hoping to graduate before the turn of the century.

The party animal

This is another student type that is deficient in vitamin stu-Dy that avoids class like the plague. What they certainly not avoid is social media, where they actively post pictures of various night-outs. There is no event they haven’t attended, with student parties and event nights at clubs and bars always at the top of their agenda. Distinctive features of this type include swollen, hangover eyes and a coffee that has become an extension of their hand in hopes of combating sleep. It is a given that exam-time is notes-time.

The note beggar

This is a huge chapter in student types, since the beggar falls under two categories: s/he can be either an eternal student or a party animal, but also one of those who ignore your existence the whole semester yet ask for your help having noticed that you are one of the bright students who attend regularly. The array of excuses you will hear as to why they have zero notes is endless and elaborate, but it is up to you to decide whether they really did work morning shifts, or worked… miracles on the dance floor the night before.

The John Snow

John Snow is the polar opposite of the note beggar. S/he is the one who complains over not having studied enough for the exams, a.k.a knowing nothing, minutes away from the examination. S/he whines over having to potentially resit the subject forever. Yet, it goes like this: you get in, they sit at the front row and once the papers touch the desk… their pen is on fire. For the duration of the exam they don’t even blink and are always the last, and best, to leave. At the end of the day, they are the ones with the best score that could have easily written a dissertation based on the existing theory.

The freshman

There is a 90 percent chance you fall under this category! The freshman goes to class a quarter earlier, is evidently nervous and tries to gather as much information as possible. “How many breaks do we get? Is the professor strict? Do we get to do homework for this class?” are some of the usual questions asked. The freshman is easily discernible by their over-equipped pencil case filled with freshly sharpened pencils, rulers and an array of erasers that would make a high school student jealous. They also sit at the front row, always without coffee in sight, write everything down and study for the exams three months in advance just to make sure.

The local

We have all met one. They are the ones who entered a university in their hometown and as a result know everything, from where is the best and most affordable place to eat, have a drink and meet interesting people, to popular student hangouts. It goes without saying that they display their knowledge with every chance they get, offering to give tours to the city. They know everyone and have connections in all great places. Most of them won’t easily make new friends since they already have friends in town, but you will certainly have a blast with a friend like that!

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