5+1 ways to create your own podcast

5 + 1 tips to create your own podcast

Translated from the original article in Greek

By Nancy Panagoulopoulou

During the last couple of years there has been a noticeable increase in the number of different podcasts on the internet. So, being now a favorite pastime of many people, starting a podcast of own’s own sounds quite appealing. However, achieving each podcast’s goal -which is none other than the promotion of its presenter or its brand– requires a lot of work.

Some tips for any future podcast presenters reading this are:

5 + 1 tips to create your own podcast

  1. Remember that you are trying to sell something

A podcast presenter needs to think of their podcast as a product they need to sell. This means that if it’s not appealing enough, no one will want to support it and so it will be doomed to fail. To avoid that, the theme of the podcast needs to be organized carefully before the podcast is released. The main question should be: if the presenter themselves heard of the podcast, would they find it interesting? If the answer is yes, it means the endeavor is promising.

  1. Prepare some interviews

Interviews are truly the way for a podcast to be a success. Firstly, listening to someone else than just the presenter, is very important, since every podcast guest brings their personal experiences and stories than can make for an extremely interesting show. Also, every guest has their own audience that will add themselves to the episode’s (and maybe the show’s total) audience.

  1. Specify the show’s identity from the very first episodes

It is necessary for a podcast to be consistent. The presenter needs to explixitly define the topic of the show, its theme, and also when it’s airing. Either way, it’s easier to attract an audience if we have a distinct identity.

  1. Relax!

Stress can be the biggest enemy of a podcaster. As everyone does, a presenter can also make mistakes. In the end, the podcaster might learn how to fix them, or even turn them into advertising points! For example, if someone’s audio is always a bit choppy and old fashioned or someone always posts the day after they are supposed to.

  1. Connect, link, advertise!

The podcast presenter needs to be able to properly promote their content. If not, all the advices above don’t matter. Without this ability, they won’t be able to accumulate an audience and their podcast will probably fail.

 5 + 1.  Find your “Unique Selling Point”

If a podcast is to succeed, it needs to stand out from the rest. If everyone follows the exact same route, then there will be an uninteresting monotony. So, anyone who wants to be successful, needs to first of all discover what makes them unique – that will make them successful.

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