3+1 ways to achieve a “growth mindset”

Translated by Anastasia Tsitsani

Based on the original article in Greek by Christina Triantafyllou

Most of us have heard the following phrases: “it’s all a matter of perspective” or “this is my own point of view”. However, what is the true meaning behind these phrases and how are they connected to the way in which someone learns or thinks? The answer is given by the fixed and the growth mindset.

But what is a fixed and growth mindset?

Carol Dweck, professor of psychology, conducted a survey with questions aimed at children and noticed that some of them gave emphasis on their grades, while others on the learning process. So, she arrived at the conclusion that the first group of children had a fixed mindset, while the second group had a growth mindset. Moreover, she noted that this distinction characterizes people of all ages.

How can we have it?

Developing a growth mindset can contribute to a more extended self-knowledge, but also to more love and actual appreciation for the daily challenges that we have to face.

  1. When do we find ourselves?

Completing the phrase “I am not good at____” we can discover these thoughts, where we confine ourselves and we do not work for something we want. It is useful writing these thoughts down, in order to have a clearer image concerning this topic.

  1. We turn to ourselves with a growth mentality

When we know which things we consider an “obstacle” and add at the end of the previous sentences the word “yet” (i.e. I cannot manage my time “yet”), we create a sense of possibility and opportunities in our unachievable dreams.

  1. We recognize that we have other options

In the previous list we write down the things that are prior for us today (the three most important) and we start researching via the web or our friends which steps to take in order to fulfill our dreams.

  1. Practice 

It is essential to always practice and, each time we say the phrase “it is impossible”, we should make it into the contrary, meaning “it is possible”. Moreover, it is useful if we try to improve ourselves with the help of our friends.

Our way of thinking impacts directly or indirectly our lives. At the end of the day, what we can say for sure is that “it’s all a matter of perspective”.

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